About Us

We are based in Columbus, Nebraska and have five great radio stations: KZEN-FM, KLIR-FM, KKOT-FM, KJSK-AM, and KTTT-AM. Our five stations give listeners a wide variety of entertainment options along with news, weather, sports, and agricultural coverage.


For more Information please mail, call, stop by or email us.

Contact Information
1418 – 25th Street
Columbus, NE 68601
Telephone: (800) 651-5568 or (402) 564-2866
Fax: (402) 564-2867

General Manager: Lisa Cherry

Email: lisa.cherry@alphamediausa.com


Operations Manager: David Gustafson

Email: david.gustafson@alphamediausa.com


Business/Traffic Manager: Kayla Cherry

Email: kayla.cherry@alphamediausa.com


Production Director: Steve Kohl

Email: columbusproduction@alphamediausa.com


News Director/Program Director KKOT: Ryan Kumpf

Email: newskzen@alphamediausa.com


Farm Department: Kimberly Nuelle

Email: kimberly.nuelle@alphamediausa.com


Program Director KZEN: David Gustafson

Email: david.gustafson@alphamediausa.com


Program Director KLIR/PSA Director: Lu Zehr

Email: lu.zehr@alphamediausa.com


Program Director KJSK: James Nickel

Email: james.nickel@alphamediausa.com


 Sports Director: Kevin McNabb

Email: kevin.mcnabb@alphamediausa.com