Luke Bryan Says He’s “All Good” with Zac Brown Following Zac’s 2013 Diss of “That’s My Kind of Night”

M_LukeBryanCMAFest630_020615It’s very rare for a country act to publicly criticize another artist’s music, so it came as a shock to many when Zac Brown called Luke Bryan‘s hit, “That’s My Kind of Night,” “one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard” in a September 2013 radio interview. Zac went on to say, “When songs make me wanna throw up, it makes me ashamed to even be in the same genre as those songs.”

Luke and Zac eventually hugged it out on the CMA Awards that November as hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley sang a rewritten version of the song “Why Can’t We Be Friends.” It turns out there were several phone calls between Luke and Zac before that hug took place, though.

Luke tells, “Zac and I, when that came down, we called each other a couple of times on the phone and talked it out, as you should do, and we all get really, really busy, so I haven’t had a chance to see Zac that much.”

Luke insists he has no ill will towards Zac, though.

“We’re all good,” Luke says. “I want Zac to do good, Zac wants me to do good… Zac had an opinion of something and he said it and that’s kind of the deal. That’s what he chose to do and me and him talked it out – we’re all good.”

Luke’s new album, Spring Break…Checkin’ Out, comes out March 10.

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