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Nebraska/Iowa Hay Summary - Week Ending April 4, 2014

   Compared to last week, alfalfa hay, grass hay, cornstalk bales,
ground/delivered alfalfa, ground/delivered cornstalks and dehy pellets
sold steady with light movement on all products. Prices are dollars
per ton FOB (freight on buyer) stack in medium to large square bales and
rounds, unless otherwise noted. Prices from the most recent reported

Northeast/Central Nebraska: Alfalfa: Premium large squares 200.00-230.00;
Good large squares 160.00-190.00; fair large squares 125.00-140.00. Good
large rounds 125.00-130.00.  Grass: Good large rounds 90.00-125.00. Oat
hay large squares 90.00. Cornstalk round bales 50.00-60.00 per ton.
Dehydrated alfalfa 17 percent protein pellets 300.00-315.00; meal 305.00-

Platte Valley area of Nebraska: Alfalfa: Good large rounds 120.00-135.00. 
Ground and delivered alfalfa 160.00, blended alfalfa product 130.00-
140.00. Ground and delivered corn stalks 90.00-110.00. Dehydrated
alfalfa pellets, 17 percent protein: 305.00; alfalfa meal 312.00.

IOWA: South Central/North Central IA:
Compared to last week, all hay sold steady on a light test. Some
prospective buyers are seeking what new hay (2014 crop) might be worth.
Producers are very reluctant on setting a price right now. 

Alfalfa: Premium large squares 250.00 delivered.  Good large squares
250.00. Alfalfa mix: Good large squares 200.00. Straw: Large squares
140.00 delivered, small squares 175.00 delivered. 




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