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Nebraska/Iowa Hay Summary - Week Ending December 19, 2014

NEBRASKA: Compared to last week grass and alfalfa hay sold steady to firm. Corn stalk bales and Ground and delivered hay steady. Dehy pellets traded steady in the North East part of the state and sharply higher in the Platte Valley. However, sun-cured pellets in the Platte Valley sold 5.00 lower. Demand was mix this week, areas that received snow the demand picked up a touch for hay where others areas the demand remained light for baled hay. All sales are dollars per ton FOB (freight on buyer) stack in medium to large square bales and rounds, unless otherwise noted. Prices from the most recent reported sales.

Northeast/Central Nebraska: Alfalfa: Good large rounds 85.00-100.00 few at 125.00 delivered. Alfalfa/Grass mix: Premium large rounds 150.00. Grass: Premium large rounds 95.00-100.00. Good large rounds 80.00-90.00. Small squares of grass hay 150.00-160.00. Oat hay large rounds 80.00. Cane hay large round bales 70.00. Cornstalk bales 50.00-60.00. Dehydrated alfalfa 17 percent protein pellets 270.00-280.00; meal 275.00-280.00.

Platte Valley area of Nebraska: Alfalfa: Premium large rounds 100.00; Good large rounds 80.00-90.00. Cane hay large rounds 60.00. Cornstalk bales 45.00-50.00. Ground and delivered alfalfa 110.00-120.00, blended alfalfa 100.00-105.00. Ground cornstalks 90.00. Dehydrated alfalfa 17 percent protein 280.00. Sun-Cured Alfalfa pellets 15 percent protein 215.00.

IOWA: South Central/North Central IA: Trading was slow with light demand. Alfalfa/Grass mix good large round bales 100.00.