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Nebraska/Iowa Hay Summary - Week Ending October 17, 2014

NEBRASKA: Compared to last week, all reported forage products sold steady. Demand was mostly light from feedlots with moderate to good demand from dairies. Corn and soybean harvest is in full swing across the state. Some feedlots still chopping silage and grinding high moisture corn. Some high quality hay in small squares and large rounds is going to area feedlots to for starting rations on bawling calves. All sales are dollars per ton FOB (freight on buyer) stack in medium to large square bales and rounds, unless otherwise noted. Prices from the most recent reported sales.

Northeast/Central Nebraska: Alfalfa: Premium large squares 200.00-220.00. Good large squares 180.00-220.00; Fair large squares 125.00; Good large rounds 85.00. Grass: Premium large squares 150.00; Good large rounds 85.00-110.00. Small squares 160.00. Dehydrated alfalfa 17 percent protein pellets 270.00-290.00; meal 275.00-290.00.

 Platte Valley area of Nebraska: Alfalfa: Fair to good large rounds 80.00- 100.00. Ground and delivered alfalfa 110.00-120.00, blended alfalfa 105.00. Dehydrated alfalfa 17 percent protein 250.00; meal 257.00.

IOWA: South Central/North Central IA: Rainy conditions still hampering some areas of the state early in the week with warm and windy weather on the weeks close. Many producers are finishing fourth cutting and are busy with soybean and corn harvest. Demand is good for dairy hay with light demand on all other types of hay. But most know that will change when the first snow comes.

Alfalfa: Good small squares 200.00-240.00 delivered. Fair large squares 150.00. Grass: Good large rounds 100.00.