NFB Foundation for Agriculture Creates Tornado Disaster Relief Fund to Help Farmers and Ranchers

LINCOLN, NEB. – Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture has launched, a Tornado Disaster Relief Fund to provide emergency and residual help to farmers and ranchers in Northeast Nebraska and other areas across the state affected by recent tornadoes.
“When a tornado hits a farmstead or a livestock operation, the needs of farmers and ranchers are a bit different. They need to critically assess how to save their crops and to address the health of their livestock,” Deanna Karmazin, executive director of the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture.
Many of these emergency actions and needs are not directly supported by government and other non-profit disaster relief efforts, which tend to be more community based, Karmazin said.
“We just think there are unique and extraordinary costs for farmers and ranchers associated with emergency actions needed to continue their production operation and the extraordinary labor involved with the clean-up of fields and livestock facilities. The costs and unanticipated expenses of trying to get their farm business back in operation is a tremendous burden and most emergency disaster programs don’t include this type of assistance,” she said.
The funds collected for the Tornado Disaster Relief Fund will be targeted to farmers and ranchers to help them with immediate needs but cannot get assistance from other sources, including government programs, or have losses that are not covered by insurance.
“We want to provide emergency assistance for farmers and ranchers affected by the tornadoes for such things as food and clothing, prescriptions/medical supplies, feed/fence/relocation costs, vet costs, field clean-up costs, rental assistance/mortgage payment for home or business, utility and propane payments and other critical unmet needs,” she said.
This fund will be used to help farmers and ranchers who supply food and fuel for all Nebraskans, some of whom have lost not only their homes but their way to make a living.