Robbins Arrest Warrant Issued For Cattle Theft

From the Neligh News:

Nearly a century ago, cattle rustling occurred frequently throughout the country. Recently, it has taken on a new meaning for an Antelope County livestock owner.

The Antelope County Sheriff’s office has issued an arrest warrant for Rebecca M. (Bree) Robbins, age 22, of Lyons, for allegedly stealing 35 head of cows and 40 calves owned by Wilbur Rakow.

The cattle theft scheme developed over several months.

Robbins, a former Antelope County resident, allegedly sold Rakow’s cattle to a couple from Columbus. Robbins allegedly told the couple she was the owner of the cattle and proceeded to sell the livestock to them.

The couple gave Robbins a check as a down-payment for the cattle on February 26. The Columbus couple drove to the Rakow farm and viewed the cattle prior to purchase, as well.

A semi stock trailer, along with two horse trailers, were sent to Rakow’s pasture, located five miles north and seven and a half miles east of Neligh, on June 24, to load the supposedly purchased cattle.

Those taking the livestock chased  the cows and calves into a pen to sort. They were unable to load all of the livestock and allegedly planned on returning to the location to load the rest of the animals.

Rakow noticed his cattle missing later in the day and contacted the Antelope County Sheriff’s department.

Rakow said all of the livestock had been branded, which assisted with identification. Although he is not in the brand inspection area, Rakow called the Nebraska Brand Inspection Office and reported the theft, to alert inspectors if the cattle crossed the Nebraska brand line.

Upon investigation, neighbors of Rakow recalled seeing cattle being loaded from the pasture and were able to identifiy the company’s name on the semi-tractor. The Antelope County Sheriff’s office contacted the truck’s owner and  it was determined the cattle had been delivered to Columbus.

Rakow said “I did get all of the pairs back, but the calves didn’t get back until around midnight.”

He said “a couple of the cows were in bad shape, one cow had ‘gone down’ on the truck.”

Robbins faces three felony  counts: Count 1, theft by deception, over $1,500, a Class III felony; Count 2,  attempt of a Class III felony, which is a Class IV felony and theft, unlawful taking over $1,500, a Class III felony.

Antlelope County Attorney Joe Abler filed the complaint against Robbins, Friday June 27.

Robbins, with a last known address of 1810 C Rd R, in Lyons has a criminal history of failure to appear, insufficient funds checks and no account checks in Cuming, Burt and Platte counties.

In addition to the Antelope County warrant, a warrant for her arrest has also been issued in Platte County for failure to appear.

Robbins graduated from Creighton High School in 2010 and lived with the Greg Todd family for a period of time. She married Joshua Robbins of Lyons in December of 2012.

The estimated value of the livestock removed from the Rakow pasture was $75,000.

As of press time, Robbins had not been apprehended. Anyone knowing of her whereabouts should call the Antelope County Sheriff’s office at 402-887-4148.