Recount Changes Result In NRD Race

Lincoln, NE~~Results have changed in the race for the Upper Big Blue NRD, Subdistrict 4, based on a recount ordered last week by the Nebraska State Board of Canvassers.


“There were two separate issues that altered the outcome of that race,” explained Secretary of State John Gale. “The first situation involved more than 1,000 voters not having the opportunity to vote because the race was left off of the ballot.”


York County election clerk Kelly Turner said she mistakenly left the race off of ballots in 10 of her 12 precincts. When the error was discovered on Election Day, she created supplemental ballots and distributed them to the affected precincts. But by then, many people had already voted, without the race appearing on their ballot.


During the recount, it was also determined that many of the supplemental ballots had not been initialized by poll workers, as mandated by Nebraska law. As a result, those ballots were not included in the recount.


“That oversight impacted an additional 1,038 votes,” said Gale. “So ultimately, we’re talking about more than 2,000 votes that would certainly have impacted the outcome of the race.”


Based on the recount, Stan Boehr garnered 3,004 votes, followed by 2,563 votes for Becky Roesler. The incumbent, Eugene Ulmer received 2,539 votes. Prior to the recount, Roesler was the trailing candidate.


During their meeting on June 9, the Nebraska State Board of Canvassers approved a motion to advance all three candidates to the general election.


Responding to a question by Eugene Ulmer, who addressed the board, Gale acknowledged the difficulty in crafting a solution that was equitable to all of the candidates, as well as those who were not given a chance to vote on the race.


Gale ultimately sided with the board and said that placing all three candidates on the November ballot would be the most practical solution. “This was a very unusual situation. In my 14 years as Secretary of State, I’ve never seen this happen before.”


“I hope this situation serves as a lesson to all of our county election officials about the importance of knowing how each race is elected and how it should appear on the ballot in each of their respective precincts,” added Gale. “This was an oversight that never should have happened.”


The official report of the Nebraska State Board of Canvassers can be found on the front page of the Secretary of State’s website:

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