Peterson Statement on Ryan Budget

WASHINGTON – U.S. House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Collin C. Peterson, D-Minn., made the following statement regarding the Republican budget proposal for fiscal year 2015.

“The Ryan budget proposal is more of the same from a House Majority that seems to prefer political messaging over achieving real results.

“Turning SNAP into a block grant would only create an unaccountable black hole for federal dollars. The 2014 Farm Bill cut $13 billion from the farm safety net; yet the Ryan Budget calls for an additional $23 billion cut in both farm and crop insurance programs, potentially jeopardizing farmers’ ability to produce a safe and affordable food supply.

“I am committed to reducing our debt and working across the aisle in a serious and thoughtful manner to address our budget issues. Unfortunately, the hatchet approach taken by the Ryan budget proposal is neither serious nor thoughtful. As we most recently saw with the farm bill, Congress can work if members of both political parties come together. It’s going to take that kind of bipartisan effort if we are going to have a serious budget debate.”