Don't Forget To Order Trees This Spring

YORK, NE -- Do you enjoy the smell of Lilac’s sweet perfume in the summer air, or the sight of rich winter green of a Norway Spruce painting the landscape?
It’s not too late to order trees from the Upper Big Blue NRD.   The Upper Big Blue NRD is selling a wide variety of 30 species of trees and 21 types of shrubs to folks who want to plant them for windbreaks, wildlife areas, riparian buffer strips, or for other conservation practices.  The seedlings are one to two years old and come with a helpful set of instructions for their planting and care. 
This would be a great way to spend time with your children or grandchildren, as well as teaching them about conservation! 
Seedlings are sold in bundles of 25 for $.90 cents a tree/shrub.  That’s only $22.50 for a bundle of 25.  To place an order call Patty Connors at (402)-362-6601 or visit the Upper Big Blue NRD website and fill out an order form at:
If you would like the NRD to plant trees/shrubs for you, an order of 150 or more trees/shrubs is necessary.  The NRD charges an additional $.70 cents a tree /shrub for the planting service.  To have a planting plan designed for you, please contact Ken Feather at the NRD office in York at (402)-362-6601.

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