Immigration Reform Under Shadow of Other Government Issues

At the beginning of the year - it looked like immigration reform would occur as both parties seemed to want to move it along. But reform legislation is stuck in the House - though Speaker John Boehner claims it’s not dead.

According to Politico - immigration reform supporter and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says there’s a loss of confidence in the government’s ability - what with the government shutdown and the issues rolling out the Affordable Care Act - which he says makes it difficult for people to trust the government to handle immigration reform properly and effectively. If the healthcare issues teach any lesson - Boehner Spokesman Brendan Buck told Politico it’s that big policy challenges should be addressed deliberatively and one step at a time.

Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney says immigration and healthcare are two different systems. Carney points to the extraordinary efforts going into fixing the healthcare website issues - and he says it would be true of immigration reform - too. Carney says the issue isn’t in the end how the process is - but the process is performed in service of the legislation and the goal.



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