Statement by Steve Nelson, President, Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation, On Animal Care Standards in Farm Bill

LINCOLN, Neb., May 2, 2013 – “The fact that Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Debbie Stabenow would even consider starting  the discussion on a new farm bill by including legislation initiated and advocated for by extremist organizations is a slap in the face to American farm families.  Including legislation to set a “one size fits all” standard for the housing and treatment of egg-laying hens would set a dangerous precedent and only encourage further bullying of farm families by activists through baseless legal actions and public smear campaigns. People need to understand these extremists groups are creating animal issues to make money and attack farm families.”

“Farmers and ranchers recognize and understand their moral obligation to provide for the well-being of their animals and their responsibility for raising them in a humane and compassionate manner. They have an unwavering dedication to do what’s right for their animals and have been trusted to take care of them for generations. It’s what they do. There is no place for this type of legislation. To start the farm bill discussion with this measure threatens the prospects of passing a much needed farm bill.”

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