NCGA Highlights Progress of Grain and Oilseed Value Chain Collaboration for States, Farmer Leaders

The National Corn Growers Association hosted a webinar for grower leaders and state corn association staff to offer an in-depth look at the effort to promote better communication throughout the biotechnology value chain. In cooperation with the American Soybean Association, NCGA launched a series of biotechnology and trade forums in the fall of 2011. In February of 2012, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed to solidify the value chain's commitment to improving the transparency and frequency of communication about agricultural biotechnology products. NCGA remains encouraged by the shared goals of our industry partners in this endeavor.


During the session, participants received an overview of the progress made at previous forums, as well as future plans for NCGA to conduct industry consultations through the Trade Policy and Biotechnology Action Team. Industry representatives from the National Grain and Feed Association and the American Seed Trade Associations shared perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for agricultural biotechnology in the domestic and international arenas.


All presentations highlighted the enormous potential to establish improved, more transparent communication regarding issues that potentially threaten the development, production or delivery of corn and soybean products derived from modern crop biotechnology.


NCGA, ASA, the Biotechnology Industry Organization, the American Seed Trade Association, the North American Export Grain Association and the National Grain and Feed Association were the original signatories to the MOU. Since that time, the American Farm Bureau Federation, Corn Refiners Association, National Oilseed Processors Association, and U.S. Grains Council have also formally joined the initiative.

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