"Columbus company wins federal small-business award"
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03/12/2012 11:33AM
Columbus company wins federal small-business award
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06/02/2012 2:51AM
okay, though there is a bit of a loagicl problem here. for example, the economy is booming in nations like the PRC and other countries where workers are denied the rights to form unions because it is more profitable to employ workers who can be more greatly exploited.all the better economic performance means is that people who control capital will invest it in places where workers can be more easily exploited. as per my previous paragraph, right now people who control capital are investing it outside of the US for the same a mathematician you've hardly provided any rigorous analysis that this is the single cause of positive economic performance in any state. also, when most workers want more accountable union bosses part of it may be that the union BOSSES are making too many concessions and compromises with management and that the workers also want MORE. happened several places where i worked our complaint was the union leaders were willing to accept deals we would rather have fought harder on. a problem with the notion of low-tax business friendly policies is that who ends up funding public infrastructure then? basically, the working class taxpayer, because to tax the corporation or the wealthy is to hurt their ability to provide jobs. but wait the working class taxpayer only has what the wealthy gave them. this is america's current problem. back in the eisenhower years the tax rate on the wealthy and corporations was almost twice what it is now.speaking of a decline in unions, most americans, after adjusting for inflation, have seen NO GAINS in earnings for quite some time quite the opposite in Betrayal of Work by Beth Shulman. also, right now corporations are having record profits. it's not that union-friendly states are too expensive, it's that corporations are too greedy.
06/02/2012 1:50PM
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