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Nebraska Hay Summary – Week Ending February 17, 2017

Compared to last week alfalfa and grass hay, Dehy alfalfa pellets and ground and delivered hay sold mostly steady. Demand is starting to pick up for alfalfa and grass hay and other baled forages. With some of the hay going to out of state feed-lots and to ranches in the Wyoming, South Dakota and Montana where there is limited hay supplies. Demand has also picked up for dehy pellets with really good movement on pellets this week. Unseasonal warm temperatures across the reporting region this week with some areas in the 70’s. All sales are dollars per ton FOB (freight on buyer) in the field or hay barn, unless otherwise noted.

Eastern/Central Nebraska Alfalfa:

Good large square bales 130.00-160.00, fair large squares 75.00. Premium round bales 85.00-90.00, Good round bales 65.00-70.00. Premium small squares of alfalfa 150.00. Alfalfa/grass mix: Good large square bales 135.00. Grass Hay: Good large round bales 60.00-70.00, fair large round bales 45.00-50.00. Premium small square bales of grass hay in central part of the state at 120.00-130.00, Eastern areas at 150.00- 160.00. Dehy alfalfa pellets 17 percent protein 210.00.

Platte Valley area of Nebraska Alfalfa:

Good round bales 60.00-70.00, instances 75.00. Ground and delivered alfalfa 90.00-100.00. Ground and delivered cornstalks 75.00- 80.00. Dehy alfalfa pellets 17 percent protein 190.00. Sun-cured alfalfa pellets 15 percent protein 165.00.


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