Forage Focus

Dr Bruce AndersonAudio from Dr. Bruce Anderson-UNL Ext Forage Specialist

Nebraska Hay Summary - Week Ending July 12, 2019

  Compared to last reported market, alfalfa sold steady, Dehy pellets 
steady in the Eastern side of the state, Platte Valley area 25.00 higher. 
Ground and delivered to feedlots unevenly steady. Demand was light for 
rounds bales and ground hay with moderate to good demand for large 
squares going to dairies. Early demand for alfalfa seamed to perk the 
price up a tick, with mid-summer demand lacking for alfalfa hay, prices 
are slipping back a tick to seasonal prices of last year. Areas of the 
Platte Valley received 7 to 10 inches of rain causing a lot of flooding 
and damage. Most areas of the state have had rain, some hail and wind 
damage. Few, reports of some first cutting of alfalfa to be baled in the 
western panhandle. Some have started on their 2nd cutting of hay. Most 
producers seem to be watching the weather a tick more than normal and are 
trying to put up top quality hay this summer. Some producers have baled 
oat hay and others have started to cut oats this week. There are still 
producers planting cane, millet or some form of forage sorghum. Note: 
“All sales are dollars per ton FOB the field or hay barn, unless 
otherwise noted.”

Eastern/Central Nebraska
Alfalfa: Premium large squares 180.00-185.00; Good large squares 
155.00-170.00; Good large rounds 115.00-130.00. Alfalfa/Orchard grass: 
Good large rounds 100.00. Grass Hay: Old crop Good large rounds 100.00; 
Premium small squares 160.00-170.00. Brome Hay: Fair to good large rounds 
130.00 delivered. Oat Hay: Large rounds 70.00. Dehy alfalfa pellets 17 
percent 330.00; Organic Dehy alfalfa pellets 16 percent protein 375.00; 
Sun-cured alfalfa pellets 15 percent protein 300.00. 

Platte Valley area of Nebraska
Ground and delivered alfalfa 135.00-145.00. Ground and delivered alfalfa-
stubble mix 125.00-135.00. Oat/cane mix ground and delivered 115.00. 
Ground and delivered cornstalks 95.00-110.00. Dehy alfalfa pellets 17 
percent protein 275.00. 

Western Nebraska
Alfalfa: Premium large squares 175.00-180.00; Good large squares 
135.00-155.00. Good large rounds 125.00 delivered. Ground and delivered 
alfalfa 153.00-158.00. Straw: large rounds 70.00.  Sun-cured alfalfa 
pellets 15 percent protein 255.00.