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Dr Bruce AndersonAudio from Dr. Bruce Anderson-UNL Ext Forage Specialist

Nebraska Hay Summary – Week Ending August 17, 2018

Compared to last week alfalfa, grass hay, ground and delivered and dehy pellets sold steady. Demand for dehy pellets and grinding type hay was good with light demand for other types of hay. Many producers continue to struggle putting up alfalfa and grass hay as Mother Nature continues to throw curve balls on a daily basis. Very limited warm and sunshiny days the last couple of months has made haying somewhat unenjoyable for some producers. There are acres of native meadows that still have a lot of standing water on them and producers can’t get into them for hay productions. With the summer rains there has been a lot of summer hail storms across a large part of the state. There have been some complete losses of row crops, hay fields and pastures in some areas. Most producers have started on third cutting and are hoping they can get it put up without additional moisture after cutting. According to the NASS Nebraska Crop Progress and Condition report, pasture and range conditions rated 3 percent very poor, 5 poor, 15 fair, 61 good, and 16 excellent. All sales are dollars per ton FOB the field or hay barn, unless otherwise noted.

Eastern/Central Nebraska Alfalfa:

Fair large squares 140.00. Good large rounds 80.00, 100.00-120.00 delivered. Grass Hay: Good large squares 150.00 delivered; Good large rounds 90.00-110.00. Premium small square bales 160.00-170.00. Cornstalk bales 45.00 delivered. Dehy Alfalfa pellets 17 percent protein 230.00-240.00.

Platte Valley area of Nebraska Alfalfa:

Premium round bales 110.00; Good round bales 100.00-105.00. Ground and delivered alfalfa 130.00-140.00. Ground and delivered alfalfa-cornstalk mix 125.00-130.00. Ground and delivered cornstalks 90.00-115.00. Dehy Alfalfa pellets 17 percent protein 210.00-220.00.

Western Nebraska Alfalfa:

Good large squares 150.00-160.00; Fair to good large squares 130.00- 140.00; Utility large squares 95.00. Good round bales 150.00. Straw in large square bales 80.00-85.00. Ground and delivered alfalfa 155.00-185.00. Sun-cured alfalfa pellets 15 percent protein 230.00.