Bracket Challenge Rules


1st Place- $100

2nd Place- $75

3rd Place- $50

Multiple brackets may be submitted per contestant (Must use separate email per bracket)


Employees of Alpha Media, other media outlets, and family are not eligible for this or any contest.

  • All prizes won through Alpha Media are non-transferable and non-substitutable. The prize indicated by station personnel to be won on a contest is the only prize awarded and given to the listener/person who is designated as the winner. Alpha Media and sponsors have not made any warranties either written, verbal, or implied, with respect to prizes awarded.
  • All prizes won that must be picked up from Alpha Media must be claimed within 30 days of the date the prize was won. No substitutions will be made for violations of this clause. If a winner does not claim his/her prize within the 30-day period the prize is forfeited.
  • For station contests and those involving outside sponsors a release form may be required to be completed by the winner and any other person’s) accepting the prize. Social security numbers and other pertinent information will be requested for station records and signatures from winners must be supplied releasing any liability on behalf of any sponsors involved.
  • For trivia-related contests, winners must supply the “answer that we’re looking for” to win. For sweepstakes-related contests, registration forms must contain the minimum of information: name, address, day phone and possibly any other information required by specific guidelines pertaining to each sweepstakes.
  • Specific contests may have additional stipulations not listed here. Refer to documents pertaining to those contests for specific rules.
  • Winners will be responsible for any additional cost related to the prize including sales tax, which must be paid before the prize can be claimed.
  • 1099s will be issued to winners who have won a prize of a value of $600 or more. For fax, mail or deliver entries/contests only one (1) entry will be allowed per page, post-card or form of entry. No machine duplications will be allowed as submissions. Any computer-generated entries will also not be allowed as submissions.
  • Alpha Media reserves the right to substitute prizes or modify the rules while a contest in progress. Any changes or modifications will be noted for public attention.
  • Alpha Media and/or its subsidiaries are not responsible for any entries sent but not received by the stated deadline. Only those received by the deadline will be included in the contest.
  • Employees or family members of an employee of Alpha Media, it’s parent, affiliated stations or other radio stations in the market, employees of affiliated sponsors or anyone involved in the contest’s production, development or handling is ineligible to enter.
  • Alpha Media reserves the right to limit winners to 30 days between winnings in the same contest. If so chosen, winners may be restricted to win a prize once every 30 days to ensure a random base of contestants. The decision of Alpha Media management is final.