KJSK Trader Call Sheet


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The News Talk 900 Trader is heard Monday thru Friday at 7:45 am

04/18/14--Wanted:  An electronic keyboard with or without stand and seat.  Phone:  402-910-4199.

04/16/14--Wanted: Morell mushrooms to buy.  Ask for Patty.  Phone:  402-910-4665.

04/15/14--Sell:  Two high back cane chairs for $7 each.  Phone:  402-246-5066.

4/15/14--Sell:  A John Deere 317 mower/tiller, 44 inch.  Phone:  402-892-3665.

04/11/14--Sell:  A brand new large Canada goose field hunting blind chair with goose body and head.  Chair is adjustable. Only $50.  Phone:  402-276-4771.

04/09/14--Sell:  A Dr. Scholl's foot bath, an implement wheel, farm tools, a McCoy planter, ice skates size 7, antique collectibles, wooden designer boxes from Whitman Company, a vintage wooden baseball bat, an antique wooden basinette, dolls, and a lawn golf set.  Phone:  402-352-8485.

04/09/14--Sell:  A Ryobi 10" table saw for $150.  Phone:  402-564-5570.

04/09/14--Sell:  A John Deere 7200 4-row planter, and an International 475 tandem disc harrow.  Phone:  402-487-2478.

04/07/14--Sell:  A 500 gallon propane tank.  Phone:  402-564-8762.

04/07/14--Wanted:  Will buy Morell mushrooms for $20 a pound.  Phone:  402-246-2602.

04/07/14--Sell:  A used video home surveillance system. Will install it properly for $950.  Phone:  402-246-2602.

04/04/14--Give Away:  Two farm cats.  One orange male tabby, and one female calico.  Good mousers.  Phone:  402-276-1005.

04/14/14--Wanted:  Live ducks for butchering.  Phone:  402-564-7667 and leave a message.

03/31/14--Wanted:  A good used canister vacuum cleaner.  Phone:  402-910-2700.

03/3104--Wanted:  Parts for a 1994 S-10 pickup.  Need a tailgate, a bumper, and a split bench seat.  Phone:  402-487-2478.

03/31/14--Sell:  Two large bird cages and two dog kennels all in excellent condition.  Phone:  402-564-7935.

03/26/14--Wanted:  A full size bed.  Phone:  402-246-2602.

03/25/14--Sell:  A John Deere WE 85 lawn mower with a Kawasaki engine, little girl's white shoes, size 6, and white tights.  Phone:  402-564-5211.

03/24/14--Sell:  An antique couch.  Phone:  402-564-4843.

03/14/14--Wanted:  A Columbus Sales Pavilion wooden walking cane.  Phone:  402-352-8804.

03/05/014--Sell:  A black loft bed with optional desk in excellent shape.  Make and offer.  Phone:  402-276-4914.

02/18/14--Sell:  A Maytag Centennial commercial technology washer, one year old, for $300. Phone:  402-276-3914.

02/12/14--Sell:  A Hoveround that needs two batteries.  Phone:  402-562-7569.

02/10/14--Wanted:  A book titled "Fit For Life" in either hard cover or paper back.  Also wanted, and acoustic guitar in good working order.  Phone:  402-910-4707.

02/06/14--Sell:  A full size bedroom set with bed and vanity, a purple stemware set with water and juice glasses, and many collector's plates.  Phone:  402-246-5066.

02/06/14--Sell:  A Buck 184 knife for $525.  Phone:  402-564-1624.

02/03/14--Wanted:  An older 1950's gas range, and a porcelin sink that can be attached to the wall.  Phone:  402-562-6083.

01/21/14--Sell:  Dry, seasoned firewood in Columbus.  Kept inside.  Phone: 402-564-6122.

01/17/14--Sell:  A Pro-Form XP 550 Treadmill for $300 or best offer, and a Bowflex Sport Home Gym for $250 or best offer.  Phone:  402-276-6320.

01/28/14--Wanted:  A 4-row Rudy Novak button accordian, and an Antonin Hlavacek 4-row button accordian with a "fast" keyboard.  Phone:  402-352-8804.

01/16/14--Sell:  A 26" Color TV for $35, a back window for a Ford pickup for $20, an upright vacuum cleaner for $30.  Phone:  402-564-8017.
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