KJSK Trader Call Sheet


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07/24/14--Wanted:  Property on which to archery hunt deer this fall.  Responsible adult, will consider paying for hunting privileges of working off hunting privileges.  Phone:  402-920-2344.

07/25/14--Sell:  A pickup camper.  Phone:  402-802-6772.

07/23/14--Wanted:  Rhubarb.  Phone:  402-615-4298.

07/22/14--Sell:  Green beans, cucumbers, and beets.  Phone:  402-564-8762.

07/22/14--Wanted:  A potato ricer.  Phone:  402-923-1146 in Tarnov or 402-564-7475 in Columbus.

07/18/14--Sell:  A 1977 16ft press line fishing boat, 35-horse motor, runs well for $700.  Phone:  308-940-1683.

07/18/14--Sell:  Eight pounds of green beans for $7. Also ice fishing equipment, an ice auger and fishing poles.  Phone:  402-564-8762.

07/17/14--Wanted:  A Moz-all mowing machine in about any condition, as long as the deck at least is intact.  Phone:  402-276-3100.

07/17/14--Wanted:  A used skid loader.  Phone:  402-246-2602.

07/16/14--Sell:  A set of 4 tires, size P195-75R14 92S.  Phone:  402-910-7218.

07/07/14—Wanted:  A brass or cast iron bed frame.  Phone:  402-352-5153.

07/07/14—Sell:  Ball and Kerr pint and quart jars and some wide mouth jars.  Also for sale a wooden chicken crate, a scalder, and picker.  Large rabbit hutch and wire pens.  Phone:  402-564-0313.
07/07/14—Sell:  Women’s jeans size 18, Men’s rain jacket and pants size large, Men’s Levi grey corduroy  jeans size 33-35.  Phone:  402-352-5034.
07/07/14—Wanted:  A small refrigerator, and a swing set.  Phone:  402-564-6542.

06/23/14--Sell:  Shingles left over from shingling a house and a shed.  20 square bundles and three bunches in each bundle.  For details Phone:  402-892-9836. (Clarkson)

06/12/14--Sell:  A small school desk, folding chairs, lawn chairs, antique galvanized double wash tubs with drain hose on a stand.  Phone:  402-276-0257.

06/09/14--Sell:  A 2002 pickup camper with a 1999 Ford pickup truck.  Will sell just the camper or the truck seperately.  Phone:  402-564-2483.

06/09/14--Sell:  A Sealy "firm" mattress and box springs.  Phone:  402-910-1842.

05/30/14--Wanted:  A corn cob fork.  Phone:  402-910-6804.

05/29/14--Sell:  A treadmill, a dog kennel, a desk and chair.  Phone:  402-564-6922.

05/29/14--Sell:  Tomato cages, an air compressor, and a wheel barrow.  Phone:  402-564-0889.

05/26/14--Wanted:  A chest type deep freeze.  Phone:  402-564-6542.

05/23/14--Sell:  Five 4-drawer dressers, $40 each, very sturdy, made in the USA.  Two 110 Volt air conditioners, $40 each, a mounted elk head, ladders, and an oval round end table.  Phone:  402-246-5066 (In Platte Center)

05/23/14--Sell:  12 coffee cups, Franciscan Desert Rose design.  Phone:  402-564-8982.

05/21/14--Wanted:  A utility clothes rack.  Phone:  402-564-6542.

05/20/14--Sell:  Two walkers:  one is a folding paddle walker, and the other is a dark blue colored walker with a seat.  Phone:  402-276-4737.

03/14/14--Wanted:  A Columbus Sales Pavilion wooden walking cane.  Phone:  402-352-8804.

01/28/14--Wanted:  A 4-row Rudy Novak button accordian, and an Antonin Hlavacek 4-row button accordian with a "fast" keyboard.  Phone:  402-352-8804.
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