Ramble On: Robert Plant tells “The Big Interview” host Dan Rather about his drive to keep making music

News & Guts Media/AXS TVThe sixth season of the Dan Rather-hosted AXS TV series The Big Interview premieres this Tuesday, March 13, with an episode featuring a conversation with iconic Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant. In a new preview clip from the show that’s been posted on AXS TV’s official YouTube channel, the singer discusses his continuing passion for making music.

“I never stop working, really,” he tells Rather. “I take a break, take a holiday — the grandchildren want to go and see soccer or whatever it is. That’s all fine, but I’m always furtive and always looking, and so I’m always trying to keep my voice in the right place.”

Plant also talks about how — thanks to his recent Americana collaborations and his work with current group The Sensational Space Shifters — he’s learned to sing with more subtlety than he did during his heyday with Zeppelin.

“The way these songs work out for me in the last 10 years or so, I started to apply myself in an appropriate way to suit the music that was being created,” he explains. “There’s no point in wailing like a banshee over, you know, some of the most beautiful violin playing on the planet. So I cut my cloth accordingly.”

That being said, Robert adds, “There’s still a lot of rebel yell inside me.”

A separate sneak peek also posted recently on AXS TV’s YouTube channel featured Plant explaining why “Kashmir” is his favorite Led Zeppelin song.  He also talks at length about how he dealt with the tragic 1977 death of his five-year-old son Karac, for whom he wrote “All My Love” and other classics.

The episode of The Big Interview episode featuring Plant will air Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

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