Kenny Chesney and David Lee Murphy go where there's “No Zip Code” for new album

Blue Chair/Reviver RecordsDavid Lee Murphy has his first top 20 hit since 2004’s “Loco” with “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,” a duet with Kenny Chesney.  Next month, he’ll follow that song with a full album produced by the superstar. 

No Zip Code got its unintentional start when David Lee was pitching Kenny songs for his record.

“I’ve been friends and written songs with Kenny for years,” David explains. “I sent him some songs for one of his albums a couple of years ago, and he called me up. He goes, ‘Man, you need to be making a record. I could produce it with Buddy Cannon, and I think people would love it.’”

“It’s hard to say no to Kenny Chesney when he comes up with an idea like that,” he adds.

It only makes sense that the man known for penning “Dust on the Bottle” and “Party Crowd” ended up co-writing all eleven songs on the project.

“Kenny was really influential in the songs that we picked,” David Lee says. “Over the course of the next year or so, we got together, talked about it and picked out songs. We wanted to make the kind of album that you would listen to if you were camping or out on a lake fishing, or anywhere just having a good time.”

Here’s the complete track listing for No Zip Code, which comes out April 6:

“Way Gone”
“No Zip Code”
“Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” (with Kenny Chesney)
“I Won’t Be Sorry”
“As the Crow Flies”
“Get Go”
“That’s Alright”
“Voice of Reason”
“Waylon and Willie”

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