Taylor Swift's music video director Joseph Kahn hits back at fans criticizing his “futuristic” videos

Jeff Kravitz/MTV1415/FilmMagicTaylor Swift’s frequent music video collaborator, director Joseph Kahn, is hitting back after fans criticized his past Taylor videos for being too “futuristic.”

Kahn is directing Taylor’s upcoming video for “Delicate,” prompting fans on Twitter to request less sci-fi and robots this time around. His video for “…Ready for It?” seemed to be set in a futuristic, anime-inspired version of Japan, and featured a cyborg version of Taylor.

In response, Kahn tweeted a GIF of a robot slipping on a banana peel with the cheeky caption, “Sneak preview. #DelicateMusicVideo.”

Kahn then proceeded to defend his past Taylor videos with a series of sarcastic tweets:

“In retrospect you are right, I put way too much robots and fighting in the ‘Wildest Dreams’ video.”

“Honestly I should have put five less spaceships in BLANK SPACE. It was a little much. My bad.”

Rewatching OUT OF THE WOODS. Godd***** what was I thinking with that lightsaber fight? Didn’t fit the song at all.”

The joke is, of course, that none of those videos Kahn mentioned were futuristic or sci-fi in any way. We’ll be able to see his actual concept for the “Delicate” video when it debuts on March 11.

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