Keith Urban praises voice doctor for lifting his spirit

ABC/Image Group LAYears of performing four-hour sets five nights a week early on in his career took a toll on Keith Urban‘s vocal cords. It’s no wonder that Keith wanted to celebrate the doctor who saved his golden throat.

During The Voice Health Institute’s Raise Your Voice Gala on March 5 in New York City, several artists, including Urban, praised that doctor, Steven Zeitels, and the institute, for their work in laryngeal surgery and voice rehabilitation.

As Billboard reports, Keith told the crowd that it was his wife, Nicole Kidman, who suggested that he get his vocal problems looked at by the same guy who helped John Mayer.

“I was touring and just getting through gigs by not talking the next day,” Keith said. “It was Steven [Zeitels], so I went up to Boston to meet him. He took a good look and was like, ‘Oh yeah, we can clean all that damage right up.’”

“I didn’t realize how much low-grade depression I was really living with. My voice was vulnerable, so it made me insecure and made everything in my life vulnerable,” Keith told the audience, including Dr. Zeitels.

“When you healed it and fixed it the way you did, I felt my entire spirit and life lift. I got stressed way less, I didn’t have anxiety. It had such a profound effect on my whole being and world. That’s how important my voice is to me.”

Other performers at the event, who were also helped by the doctor, included pop star Sam Smith and rock legend Roger Daltrey of The Who.

Keith’s voice is now better than ever. He recently received five nominations at the upcoming ACM Awards in April.

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