How Sam Smith helped Meghan Trainor achieve “the best accomplishment ever”

Epic RecordsMeghan Trainor is out with her new single “No Excuses,” from her as-yet-untitled upcoming third album.  Before recording the album, Meghan was told that she needed vocal cord surgery for the second time in two years.  She says she wasn’t sure if she should do it…until Sam Smith helped her make the decision.

Meghan tells Billboard, “He’s now changed his number and I’ve changed mine, but when I had his number, I was on…tour, and I was in my hotel room with bronchitis and lost my voice and had vocal cord hemorrhage. [Doctors] told me, ‘If you keep going, you’ll break [your voice] ’til you can’t sing forever.'”

So Meghan asked Sam, who’d had similar problems, if she should cancel her tour and go under the knife.  She says he told her, “Absolutely, take care of your voice, don’t waste shows singing terribly knowing you’re hurting yourself.  Do what’s best for those vocal cords, you just get it done and you sing for everyone again and say, ‘I’ll make these shows up to you, I promise.'”

“So that’s what I did,” she says, adding, “It’s the best accomplishment ever.”

Meghan maintains that her voice now sounds better than ever. Having said that, she still got some vocal help on the album…from her family.

“My family is singing on the background of every song — so I’m taking them around the world to promote it with me, because I feel like it’s their album too,” she explains. “I’m never gonna write a song without them singing on it again, they’re the best choir!”

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