Lady A's Hillary Scott proved to be the key to Valentine's Day happiness for Charles Kelley

ABC/Randy HolmesOn Valentine’s Day, Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley owes a big thank you to his band mate, Hillary Scott. Seems it was Hillary who had the idea to match up Charles with his now-wife, Cassie.

“We actually had just started the band,” Charles explains, “and Dave [Haywood] and I, we had decided we were going to get the band together and go out to this dinner. Little did we know that Hillary kind of secretly was trying to set me up with Cassie.”

At the time, Lady A’s keyboard player was dating Cassie’s sister, so Cassie tagged along to the dinner.

“There was like 15, 20 of us,” Charles continues. “I get there a little late, and we just lock eyes the whole night. I mean, she’s definitely the prettiest girl that ever paid me any attention.”

“It was one of those things where we just kinda started all as a big group going bar-hopping, and we never left each other’s side… Every bar we went to, it was like us going to the corner talking.”

From there, Charles didn’t waste any time making his move.

“It was just love at first sight,” he says. “And the very next day, I called her up and I said, ‘Can I take you on an official date? I’d love to take you out to dinner.’”

“I didn’t have any money at the time. I probably spent the last little bit of money I had on this really nice meal, and we’ve been together ever since.”

Fast forward to 2018, and Charles and Cassie are the proud parents of Ward, who just turned two.

While we don’t know exactly how the Kelleys will celebrate their private Valentine’s Day, rumor has it that Charles’ tongue-in-cheek cover band, Dick Fantastic & the Fabulous Foreskins, will be playing a non-kid-friendly show at Nashville’s 3rd and Lindsley.

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