Watch Keith Urban invite Chris Janson to join the Grand Ole Opry

ABC RadioChris Janson was in the midst of performing a sold-out headlining show at Ryman Auditorium Monday night when Keith Urban joined him for a cover of John Michael Montgomery‘s hit, “Sold.” What happened next was life-changing for Chris: he was invited to become the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry.

“To have a sold-out show at the Ryman, Chris, that’s amazing,” Keith told the singer. “It’s fitting that it should be at the Ryman, because it is, of course, one of the many homes of the Grand Ole Opry of which I am a member… I remember the feeling the night that I got invited. It’s an incredible feeling. I think it’s about time that you feel that way too, Chris. I would like to invite you, Chris Janson, to be the newest member of our family at the Grand Ole Opry!”

Holding back tears, Chris could be seen grinning from ear to ear and jumping up and down on the famed Ryman stage in disbelief after the invitation. 

“The Opry is where my heart is. I would die before I had to quit singing country music. I don’t know nothing else. That’s it,” Chris marveled.

Chris is no stranger to the Opry — he’s performed there over 100 times since making his Opry debut in 2013. He’ll be officially welcomed to the Opry class later this spring.

“I am so grateful. I am so humbled. I will likely never sleep another day in my life. This is life changing,” he later shared on Twitter.

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