Drive This Way: Steven Tyler ages in reverse in new Kia commercial set to air during the Super Bowl

Courtesy of Kia Motors AmericaAerosmith singer Steven Tyler stars in a new car commercial for Kia’s sporty Stinger GT model that will air during the third quarter of Super Bowl LII this Sunday, and that you can watch now on YouTube.

The ad, set to the tune of “Dream On,” finds Tyler at an abandoned racetrack, where he hops into a cherry-red Stinger and speeds in reverse around the track so fast that he literally turns back the hands of time.

After he brings the vehicle to a halt, a CGI-enhanced Steven emerges as a fresh-faced 25-year-old and is greeted by droves of hysterical Aerosmith fans dressed in 1970s garb who are trying to get to him. As the commercial comes to an end, we see the Stinger GT racing around the track again, along with the tag line “Feel Something Again.”

The ad also features a brief cameo by two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Emerson Fittipaldi, who looks on approvingly as Tyler first gets into the car.

The commercial is part of a new marketing campaign for the Kia Stinger that’s been dubbed, “Fueled by Youth, a State of Mind.”

“As one of the youngest mainstream car companies in the U.S., our youth — and the fearlessness that comes with it — is Kia’s strength,” says Kia Motors America executive Saad Chehab in a statement, “and the youthful mindset we share with Steven Tyler and Emerson Fittipaldi is on full display in our Super Bowl ad.”

Tyler previously starred in a high-profile commercial for Skittles candy that first aired during Super Bowl 50 in 2016. That ad featured a surreal scenario where the rock legend interacted with a portrait of himself made entirely out of Skittles that came to life and sang to him.

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