Good Knight: Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono congratulate Ringo Starr on his knighthood

KMazur/WireImageFollowing Friday’s announcement that Ringo Starr has been honored with a knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II, a couple members of Starr’s extended Beatles family — Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono — have issued statements congratulating the former Fab Four drummer.

McCartney, who was knighted himself in 1997, posted a message on his social media sites that reads, “Huge congrats Sir Ringo! Sir Richard Starkey has a nice ring to it. Best drummer, best pal! X Paul.”

Ono took to her own social media sites and shared the following note: “Dear Sir Ringo I am very happy that you have received this honour from the Queen. It’s about time! Huge congratulations! I am delighted for you and your family. It is an honour for everyone in The Beatles family and I love you very much. love, hugs and kisses, yoko.”

Sir Paul and Yoko’s posts both included photos of themselves with Ringo.

Meanwhile, Starr, McCartney and Ono all sent out Happy New Year’s messages to their fans.

Ringo’s message reads, “Happy new year everybody let’s look forward to more peace and love.” It features a selfie of him wearing some kind of crown.

Sir Paul says, “Happy New Year! Should auld acquaintance be forgot…I hope that everyone has a really brilliant New Year! And that all the things they wish for, happen, and that they have love and peace in all their relationships.”

As for Yoko, she shared the message, “War Is Over! If You Want It. Happy New Year from John & Yoko,” a variation of the billboards and posters that were part of the Christmas peace campaign she and Lennon first launched in 1969.

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