Old Dominion takes on the world in 2018, as their latest top-ten seems “Written in the Sand”

ABC/Image Group LA Old Dominion is on track to grab their second top-ten from their Happy Endings album with “Written in the Sand,” which currently sits at #11.

Lead singer Matthew Ramsey says the band simply went with their instincts when it came time to pick the follow-up to the chart-topping “There’s No Such Thing as a Broken Heart.”

“It’s one of my favorite songs on the album,” he tells ABC Radio, “and actually was one of the last ones that we wrote before we recorded it and it’s just kind of a gut feeling. We felt like we had a moment to do something different than we’ve ever done before and it felt like the right one.”

In 2018, OD will kick off the Happy Endings World Tour, as the fivesome heads to Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada, in addition to the U.S. 

Matthew says the band got their first taste of international fame a couple years ago, after the release of their debut album, Meat and Candy.

“We’ve been to London once, and it was surprising…” he recalls. “It was amazing. They knew every song off the album, and that was two years ago. So we’re looking forward to seeing how it’s grown, and the few interviews that I’ve done over there seem like it’s a little bigger. So we’re real excited to see it.”  

The Happy Endings World Tour starts February 1 in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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