LOCASH at New York's Opry City Stage on New Year's Eve: Why it “Don't Get Better Than That”

Reviver Records Tonight, Thursday, at midnight ET, LOCASH will release the song that’s sure to be their anthem for 2018: “Don’t Get Better Than That.”

When it comes time to welcome the New Year, Preston Brust and Chris Lucas will be onstage performing the second of two shows at the new Opry City Stage in New York City’s Times Square.

It’s not the first time the two have played the most famous New Year’s Eve gathering in the world, though.  They did it once before, in 2009.

“We performed outside and it was the coldest ever. We froze!” Preston says.

“It was negative four degrees. Negative four degrees,” Chris interjects. “Our fingers were falling off playing guitar and playing piano. It was nuts.”

“But it was cool to be a part of that and just watch everything unfold that night,” Preston continues. “And so now, we know what we’re getting ourselves into this year. It’s gonna be great!”

Preston expects the two will bring the music to a halt for a bit as midnight approaches. 

“I think we’re gonna take a little break right when the ball drops so everybody can  be part of that,” he predicts. “And then I think we go back onstage and finish partying.”

In fact, LOCASH has already scoped out their spot to take it all in.

“There’s a big window that overlooks the ball [at the Opry stage],” Preston explains, “We went up there and we were looking at it and we were like, ‘Man, that’s a perfect angle, perfect view.'”

“But we’ll also try to get in the spirit of it and get outside and feel that cold weather,” he promises. “That’s what we remember most about 2009 was the way everyone was just packed out there and the spirit…it’s just unreal.”

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