“We're not gonna lay off the throttle now!”: Why Aaron Watson aims to never be “Outta Style”

ABC/Image Group LAAaron Watson currently has his first top ten hit on the country chart with “Outta Style,” but you can’t exactly call him a newcomer. The veteran of the Texas music scene put out his first album in 1999.

“18 years, 13 albums, 2500 shows later,” Aaron says, laughing at how long it took him to find success on the country singles chart. “I mean, I think because I’ve been doing this so long, I have a true understanding for the magnitude of this moment. So, we’re so blessed and so thankful, you know. It’s exciting.”

Even though Aaron’s an indie artist, he’s been having success on the album chart for some time.

He explains, “I put out all 13 albums independently, but our last three albums have charted top-ten on BillboardThe Underdog charted #1. It became the first independent album to do so. And then the [current album] Vaquero did even better than The Underdog album did.”

“Outta Style” is the lead single from Vaquero.

Aaron sums up what he believes are the secrets to his success:  “You know, it’s about hard work and hustle. It’s very important that you own your own material. It helps to write your own songs.”

From here, Aaron says there’s no stopping him.

“You know it took me 18 years to get this far, so we’re not gonna lay off the throttle now!” 

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