Nils Lofgren hopes fans will love his “reckless and raw” “Blind Date Jam” concert video

Credit: Eric MarcelE Street Band guitarist Nils Lofgren has just released a unique concert video he’s dubbed Blind Date Jam, which features him and three other musicians playing a completely improvised show in front of a small audience at the Cattle Track art gallery near his home in Scottsdale, Arizona. The 80-minute video can be purchased for $10 as a digital download at

Lofgren tells ABC Radio that the concept of Blind Date Jam is “what happens when musicians get together and jam with no homework, no idea what they’re gonna play, someone just throws out a riff and they go to town. It’s reckless and raw, doesn’t always work, but it challenges musicians who love to improv to create on the spot with no preconceived notion of what they’re gonna come up with.”

Joining Nils at the show were his frequent collaborator Gregg Varlotta on multiple instruments; drummer Greg Bruzzese, who played on his 2013 solo album, Old School; and bassist John Willis.

“The guys were great,” Lofgren says of the show. “I had Greg jumping around from guitar to keyboards to trumpet to trombone to tap dancing. And I would go from acoustic to electric to lap steel to keyboards, and just throw out an idea and go.”

Lofgren says he hopes Blind Date Jam is successful enough that he can organize new shows featuring some of his famous musical friends.

“I’m hoping at least to bring in not only different musicians that [I’ve] run into through the decades…to play but also different genres,” he tells ABC Radio.

Special Blind Date Jam packages, including a DVD of the show, are available at Lofgren’s PledgeMusic page. You can check out promo clips of the video at Nils’ YouTube page.

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