Kelly Clarkson on choosing “The Voice” over “American Idol”: “I gave them 15 years!”

Credit: Telepictures Productions Inc./Warner Bros. EntertainmentKelly Clarkson will appear on The Voice next week as an adviser to all the teams, and next season, she’ll be a coach on the show.  But some people still don’t understand why Kelly is appearing on The Voice, and not ABC’s upcoming reboot of the show that gave her her start: American Idol.  Kelly again attempted to explain her choice during Friday’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

When Ellen — who, let’s not forget, used to be a judge on American Idol — asked Kelly if the Idol people were mad at her for appearing on The Voice, the singer replied, “O.K. here’s the thing: let’s keep it real. I thought it was ending!”

Kelly pointed out that she appeared on American Idol‘s final season on Fox when she was pregnant with her son, who’s now a year old.  “They said, “Oh, we’ll bring it back” and I thought, like, 5-10 years, like, I didn’t know.  But I didn’t know they meant, like, the next year!”

In other words, because she assumed American Idol would be off the radar for the next few years, Kelly resumed talks with The Voice, which had been ongoing for a while. 

“I had already been in talks with The Voice, like, one time I wanted to do it and I was pregnant, I couldn’t do anything, and the other time we were touring,” she told Ellen. “But I’ve been a part of the Voice team just ’cause my husband manages Blake Shelton…and I’ve been on the show a lot.”

“And” — Kelly concluded — “I gave them 15 years!  Like, I was there every season!”

As the audience laughed, Ellen agreed, “Yeah, you’ve given them enough!”

Kelly’s new album, Meaning of Life, is out today.

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