Charlie Puth owns up to his cheating ways in new single, “How Long”

Atlantic RecordsCharlie Puth ‘fesses up to being a bad boyfriend in his latest single, “How Long.”

In the song, Charlie sings about being confronted by a girlfriend about his cheating. He owns up to it and expresses his regret, pleading with her to take him back.

He sings the chorus from the girl’s perspective: “How long has this been going on/You’ve been creepin’ ‘round on me/While you’re callin’ me baby/How long has this been going on/You’ve been actin’ so shady/I’ve been feelin’ it lately.”

The song, out today, is the second release off his upcoming album, VoiceNotes. It follows the hit single, “Attention.”

VoiceNotes is set for a January 19 release.

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