More major stars, including Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young, pay homage to Tom Petty

Gary Miller/Getty ImagesTributes from a variety of music greats continue to pour in for Tom Petty, who died Monday at the age of 66 after suffering a heart attack. Among the many stars paying homage to the beloved and influential rocker are Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young.

“Down here on E Street, we’re devastated and heartbroken over the death of Tom Petty,” writes The Boss. “Our hearts go out to his family and bandmates. I’ve always felt a deep kinship with his music. A great songwriter and performer, whenever we saw each other, it was like running into a long lost brother. Our world will be a sadder place without him.”

As for Young, his tribute begins by referencing Petty’s final concert with his band The Heartbreakers, which took place on September 25 in Los Angeles.

“Tom, I’m sure you heard how great your last show was. Everyone was talking about your happiness and the band’s happiness to be with you on that stage,” Neil notes.

“Those chords are still ringing around the world. You have been such a great force, a tremendous contribution to music and the feelings people will hold in their hearts forever when they hear you everywhere,” he adds. “Peace Brother.”

Meanwhile, Paul McCartney, who initially sent out a message before Petty’s death was confirmed, has posted a new tribute that reads, “Dear Tom, so sad to hear of his passing. What a lovely, intelligent and talented man he was. Love to his family.”

Here are some additional Petty tributes:

John Mellencamp: [Tom Petty] was the Edward Hopper of American songwriters. He was a certain kind of bird that had no legs so he could never land on this earth; he lived his whole life in the sky. And now he will spread his wings and sleep on the wind. His name is written in the stars.

The Doobie Brothers: Tom Petty left this world much too soon. Our condolences to his family, friends, & fans. RIP, Tom. Thank you for Runnin’ down your dream.

Brian Wilson: I’m heartbroken to hear about Tom Petty. Tom was a hell of a songwriter and record-maker. He will be missed by everyone who loves music.

The KinksDave Davies: Tom Petty and his band toured with the Kinks early on. I thought he was unique and a beautifully minimalist rocker — classic, stylish and cool — he helped put cool and laidback into R&R…I Love his band, his approach, his music, his [demeanor,] his wonderful songs [and his] exquisite recordings. Tom Petty I applaud your work, your legacy and integrity.

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