“It's an absolutely polarizing tour”: Chris Janson unleashes “Everybody,” as Sam Hunt's 15 in a 30 wraps

Warner Music NashvilleChris Janson finishes one chapter this weekend and opens another: the 15 in a 30 Tour comes to a close, just as Chris’s sophomore album, Everybody, arrives on Friday.

Sam HuntMaren Morris and Chris will wrap up their time together with two dates at Nashville’s Ascend Amphitheater.  Chris says there’s no doubt about it — it’s been a great ride.

“I had no idea that Sam was going to invite me on the tour, and then he did,” Chris reflects. “I am grateful that he did, because I tell you, it’s an absolutely polarizing tour, and I mean that on a good note. Because Maren’s so different from me, I’m so different from Maren, Maren’s so different from Sam, and vice versa. So people are getting all different genres of country music basically on one stage.”

While the three hitmakers are very different, they’ve become a family since the tour kicked off back in June.

“Everybody gets along really good,” Chris says. “The vibe’s really nice, and the crowds are not just showing up for the marquee, like they’re showing up from the very beginning of the night to the very end of the night. It’s the best tour I’ve ever been a part of, to be honest with you, and Sam’s great.”

Chris’s second record, Everybody, is new in stores and online today and features its top-ten lead single, “Fix a Drink.”

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