Nebraska Department of Agriculture responds to herbicide use complaints

LINCOLN – The Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) has experienced an increase in herbicide misuse complaints alleging crop damage due to herbicide products containing dicamba.  NDA’s pesticide and fertilizer program staff are actively investigating these complaints for noncompliance with state and federal laws, but cautions producers that these investigations will not characterize crop damage; acres involved or estimated dollar losses.

During NDA applicator training sessions, NDA strongly encourages all users of herbicides and pesticides, to be attentive to label requirements when selecting and applying products, to be aware of vegetation on surrounding properties, and to be vigilant of weather conditions.  Meticulous cleaning of tanks, hoses and nozzles used for applications is necessary to prevent chemical carryover to the next application.  Caution is especially important as farmers have more and varied choices in genetics and crop protection pairings. This has increased the incidence of crops with differing chemical tolerance being planted side by side.

NDA supports the development of new technologies in the agricultural industry, and stands ready to assist the agricultural community as it determines how to implement the new technologies to be more efficient and sustainable in producing the food supply for a growing world.

NDA does not plan to limit use of dicamba in Nebraska at this time, and will work with state and federal stakeholders, industry leaders and farmers to seek appropriate action to take in the future.

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