Surplus of tree and shrub seedlings available to the public

YORK – The Upper Big Blue NRD is finishing the tree planting season and there are several varieties of trees and shrubs left in their inventory that were not planted. As a result, the NRD has a surplus inventory available for anyone to

Varieties that are ready for purchase include American Plum, Amur Maple, Black Cherry, Chokecherry, Concolor Fir, Cotoneaster, Elderberry, False Indigo, Golden Currant, Gray Dogwood, Manchurian Apricot, Northern Pecan, Ponderosa Pine, Red Cedar, Red Oak, Red Osier Dogwood, Sandcherry, and Skunkbush Sumac.

The NRD will sell these varieties for $1.00 per tree/shrub. Also, all these varieties are in the form of seedlings, and they must be picked up at the Upper Big Blue NRD office in York. Call Patty Connors of the Upper Big Blue NRD office at (402) 362-6601.