Applications now being accepted for the Nebraska LEAD program

LINCOLN – Nebraska residents around the ages of 25-55 that work in the agriculture industry are encouraged to apply for the Nebraska LEAD Program. Dr. Hejny, the Director for the LEAD program explains what LEAD stands for.

Those accepted into the LEAD program will attend twelve three-day seminars that are conducted monthly from September until April over the course of two years. Participants will also attend a ten-day national study/travel seminar the first year, and a 14 to 16-day international study/travel seminar the second year. The mission of the program is, “To prepare and motivate men and women in agriculture for more effective leadership.” Dr. Hejny says the deadline to apply for LEAD Class 37 is June 15, 2017.

Dr. Hejny says graduates of the Nebraska LEAD program gain many skills that help them excel in the agriculture industry.

To find out more information about the Nebraska LEAD program, visit or search for them on Facebook.