Melissa Etheridge clarifies her “I smoke pot with my kids” comments: “When you bring children in, that’s where people go crazy

Steve Jennings/WireImageLast month, Melissa Etheridge faced online backlash after she spoke with Yahoo about her marijuana use for a video project called Weed and the American Family In her interview, she said that she’d smoked pot with her adult children, aged 18 and 20.  But now she admits that she shouldn’t have said that.

Speaking to People magazine, Melissa says,”I probably should have thought twice about actually mentioning my children. I understand, always, in these social norm issues, when you bring children in, that’s where people go crazy….so it was my mistake to say, ‘Yes, I’ve smoked with my children.’ Which makes it seem like I sit down and smoke with my little 10-year-olds.”

The mother of four adds, “I want to be emphatic in saying I do not believe in casual cannabis use in children or teenagers — I am not advocating casual cannabis use at all. I do not think it is healthy for children under 18.”

While the Grammy-winning star says she has “regrets” about her comments, she insists, “It’s not as reckless and casual as you think. These are very tender moments that I have spent with my children, with my young adults — and they’re very special moments and not treated casually at all.”

Etheridge, who says she’s a “highly functioning individual” who “smokes [pot] every day,” adds, “I happen to have a belief that all cannabis use is medicinal, even if the person knows it or not.”

“It is medicinal for us to seek a reprieve from the left side of the brain, which is the problem-solving, go-get-’em, anxiety or worry part of our brain; we need relief from that,” she explains. “And yeah, I call that medicine.”

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