The American Petroleum Institute Says Lowing Amount Of Ethanol In Fuel Is Needed

COLUMBUS- The American Petroleum Institute believes that its latest poll on the Renewable Fuel Standard should send another strong signal to policymakers that fixing what they call a “broken” mandate is desperately needed.

API’s downstream group director Frank Macchiarola would like to lower the amount of ethanol in fuel…


Macchiarola says the engine problems could occur when going above E10…


Macchiarola finished by explaining how the mandate could affect fuel prices…


The organization says that—while it still urges Congress to act—the EPA should immediately provide relief from the mandate.

  • Steve_VG

    I sure wish there was a way to debate Mr. Macchiarola in a room full of automotive engineers since these very same engineers are asking for higher octane fuel such as E25 or E30 for increasing vehicle efficiency.

    If the ethanol industry was on top of this, they should sue API for manipulating the data over the past 10 years all in an effort to discredit ethanol. API is good at not telling the truth and they are even better at blending test fuels to control the outcome of these studies. When Mr. Macchiarola says there are studies showing E15 will damage engines, one needs to realize that API provided the test fuels. These studies never just go out and buy real world fuels and simply add ethanol.

    Just 3 weeks ago, a study under the report number CRC E-94-2 was released. The summary of this study says ethanol raises tailpipe emissions by using 4 each E0 fuels compared to 4 each E10 fuels. The problem here is that the 90 percent gasoline used to make E10 was created to be a much high polluting fuel and how they blended these E10 fuels is completely opposite to that of real world fuels.

    API is great at manipulating these studies and once one investigates how the blending of the test fuels was done, one would say an investigation is needed. There is no logic or even economic reason for oil refineries to blend consumer fuels like API does when creating these test fuels. No logical reason to make a significantly dirtier fuel just to add ethanol.

    API- Another Propagated Illusion. Remember the health issues with leaded gasoline?