Heart break: Ann and Nancy Wilson reveal that a rift has put band on indefinite hiatus

Credit: Anna KnowldenHeart‘s Wilson sisters both have been pursuing side projects lately, with lead singer Ann mounting a solo tour and guitarist Nancy forming a new group called Roadcase Royale, fronted by ex-Prince protégé Liv Warfield. Now, a new Rolling Stone article reveals that the band’s hiatus stems from a rift between the siblings that began after Ann’s husband, Dean Wetter, was arrested and jailed for assaulting Nancy’s twin teenage sons backstage at a Seattle-area show last August.

“The cops were called, which I thought was totally unnecessary,” Ann maintained during a recent phone interview. “It was something that could have been worked out in a family meeting, but instead, it just went ballistic. I think it was overblown.”

In a separate conversation with Rolling Stone, Nancy says she’s upset because Wetter never apologized to her after the incident, while Ann told the magazine that she tried talking with her sister first to smooth things over, but she “wouldn’t listen.”

After that, Ann and Nancy finished out Heart’s 2016 tour, although they kept separate dressing rooms and stopped communicating directly. Nancy also requested that Dean not be allowed near her kids or backstage. She described the experience as “excruciating,” while Ann called it “complete hell.”

According to Rolling Stone, the sisters haven’t been in the same room since October, although they have occasionally communicated via email. While their relationship obviously is strained, the Wilsons do feel a reconciliation is possible.

“I’m an eternal optimist because…and I don’t think any drama that’s temporary is going to change our strong relationship,” says Nancy. “We just have to get through this first.”

Ann continues to stick by Wetter’s side, while noting, “My side really hurt [Nancy’s] side. Her side really hurt my side. We’ve got to let those heal and get some counseling.”

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