New band Honey West, featuring ex-King Crimson/Foreigner member Ian McDonald, releasing debut album in May

© 2017 Sebastian Sabal-BruceA new band called Honey West, featuring founding King Crimson and Foreigner multi-instrumentalist Ian McDonald, will release its debut album, Bad Old World, on May 19.

The group is led by the unusual duo of McDonald and Ted Zurkowski, a New York-based Shakespearean actor who serves as the band’s lead singer and lyricist.

“Ted’s lyrics are very smart,” says McDonald, who also produced and wrote the music to the songs on Bad Old World. “I like smart lyrics, I like smart music. This ended up being a really good partnership.”

The album also features Steve Holley, who played drums with the last incarnation of Paul McCartney‘s old band Wings, as well as McDonald’s son Maxwell on bass. In addition, longtime Joe Jackson bassist Graham Maby contributes his talents to a few tracks.

The first single from Bad Old World is the album’s closing track, “Dementia,” which will be released on Friday, April 14. You can check out the infectious track, which features McDonald delivering a rocking sax solo, on Randex PR’s SoundCloud page.

“One of the things I love about the Bad Old World album, it’s a rock album,” says McDonald in a promo video that’s been posted on YouTube. “I’m very happy with the fact that it’s two guitars, bass, drums, essentially. That’s what I’ve really had been wanting to do for a long time.”

As for the band name, Honey West was one of the first fictional female private eyes.  The character first appeared in a series of novels starting in 1957, and inspired a TV show that ran on ABC from 1965-1966.

Here the track list of Bad Old World:

“The September Issue”
“Brand New Car”
“Bad Old World”
“She’s Not Your Life”
“Sylvia Strange”
“Generationless Man”
“A Girl Called Life”
“Old Man”
“Terry & Julie”

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