Collage of Chuck Berry put on display at Washington, DC's National Portrait Gallery

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty ImagesThe Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery is paying tribute to Chuck Berry — who died Saturday at the age of 90 — by putting a collage of the rock ‘n’ roll pioneer on display in the museum’s “In Memoriam” area.

The piece, which was placed on view Tuesday on the museum’s first floor, was created by noted pop-art master Red Grooms in 1978.

The colorful artwork has a cartoon-like quality and features three caricatures of Berry playing guitar. It also includes a depiction of the title character of Chuck’s classic song “Maybellene” dancing on the neck of one of his instruments.

Speaking about his piece, Grooms says he “gave the great Rock and Roller the futurist treatment and made sure the color scheme would work in any cool cat’s parlor.”

The collage will remain on display through April 9, and can be photographed or filmed by visitors at the museum. You can also check out the piece at

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