Weekly Crop Progress Report

Lincoln, NE – For the week ending October 23, 2016, temperatures averaging four to six degrees above normal, combined with limited precipitation, improved harvest conditions, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Heavy morning dews continued to limit soybean harvest progress. Cattle producers began moving livestock to corn stalks where available. There were 6.5 days suitable for fieldwork. Topsoil moisture supplies rated 9 percent very short, 26 short, 62 adequate, and 3 surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 8 percent very short, 25 short, 65 adequate, and 2 surplus.

Field Crops Report:

Corn condition rated 1 percent very poor, 5 poor, 21 fair, 57 good, and 16 excellent. Corn harvested was 50 percent, near 52 last year and the five-year average of 54.

Sorghum harvested was 67 percent, ahead of 49 last year and 50 average.

Soybeans harvested was 78 percent, behind 87 last year and 88 average.

Winter wheat condition rated 2 percent very poor, 5 poor, 27 fair, 56 good, and 10 excellent. Winter wheat emerged was 93 percent, ahead of 89 last year and 84 average.

Alfalfa fourth cutting was 88 percent.

Proso millet harvested was 98 percent.

Livestock, Pasture and Range Report: Pasture and range conditions rated 5 percent very poor, 8 poor, 29 fair, 51 good, and 7 excellent.

Stock water supplies rated 1 percent very short, 11 short, 87 adequate, and 1 surplus.