Loup Power District Announces Closure Of ATV Trails At Headworks Park

GENOA- The ATV trails at Loup Power District’s Headworks Park in Genoa are closed indefinitely.

Loup Power District officials made the announcement following the dissolution of the Nebraska Off Highway Vehicle Association. The organization disbanded due to liability concerns and litigation. NOHVA has helped manage the ATV trails at the park since 1990.

Although the ATV trails portion of the park will be closed, camping, fishing and picnic areas at Headworks Park remain open and free to visitors.


  • Jimbo

    Ok Nebraska atv riders, yet another riding area closes. If this activity is to survive in Nebraska we will need the support of the state government. We will not get any if we don’t organize and pony up. We need a registration program that generates funds to used to secure and maintain lands for this purpose. In exchange the state will be able to actually collect the sales tax on the ORVs sold here.

  • Joseph


    Why is it you believe the gov’t needs to get involved in a private recreational activity? The organization was in place to support riding, and in my opinion was shortsighted in seeing the long term growth in the number of riders that would take up ATV riding as a recreational activity. They could have setup a membership that had higher membership fees but used those higher fees to set aside some of those monies for future land purchase for recreational riding. (The membership plan could have been setup for Lifetime with a Lump Sum payment or minimal down payment and periodic payment plan). Land was way cheaper for a long time especially along the marginal river corridor areas where most of the enjoyable riding takes place. Living close to the Headworks area, there were way to many times when I would get up in the middle of the night (1-3am) and hear people riding in the headworks area when it was supposed to be closed at 11 pm. Law Abiding riders “Not reporting” violators for after hours riding, riding on private ground (trespassing) adjacent to Loup lands (which includes the stretch of the Loup River) for several miles in both directions, lawsuits. All these are factors for closing the area. When NOVHA took charge and stated “they maintained the trails” then they inadvertently assumed a “risk factor” of being sued in MYO. I know what the Nebr statute says for public lands use and the “no liability” clause. However when you get into a courtroom (and a good lawyer) almost anything can go down and usually does. You stated “organize and pony up” well you don’t need gov’t support to do that.