New Video Tells Story of Farmers’ Commitment to Water Conservation

LINCOLN, Neb. — July 26, 2016 — Recent hot, dry weather has many Nebraska soybean farmers using irrigation to keep their crops on track during a critical stage of development for soybean plants. But it’s not as simple as turning on a faucet. A new video produced by the Nebraska Soybean Board (NSB) explains how one Nebraska farm family uses technology to conserve water, a priority for farmers throughout the state.

Ray and Kevin Kucera grow soybeans and corn on their farm near Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska. In the video, they share how they monitor soil moisture and time their irrigation using SoyWater, an online tool developed by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL) with funding from the Nebraska Soybean Board. By applying the right amount of water at the right stage of development, the Kucera’s conserve a precious resource. “It really takes a lot of guess work out of our work,” said Ray Kucera.

UNL Extension Educator Chuck Burr specializes in helping farmers use water in a sustainable way. In the video he says Nebraska’s farmers are good stewards of natural resources, often using technology to manage water use. “Nebraska is leading the nation in the percentage of farmers that are monitoring soil moisture and making those irrigation scheduling decisions,” said Burr.

Farmers have always cared for the land and water they depend on to raise a crop. Today’s producer relies on research-based tools and technology to maintain soil and water quality and manage irrigation. Victor Bohuslavsky, NSB executive director, says it’s important to help people understand farmers’ commitment to conservation. “We’re hoping Nebraskans will take a few minutes to watch this video and learn why farmers across Nebraska are focused on sustainability for future generations,” said Bohuslavsky.

The water conservation video is available at, and the NSB YouTube and Facebook pages.