Agriculture Secretary Vilsack, U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Michael Froman and Inter-American Development Bank President Luis Alberto Moreno to discuss U.S. Leadership in Latin American Markets

WASHINGTON, June 28, 2016 – TODAY, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will join United States Trade Representative Ambassador Michael Froman and President of Inter-American Development Bank Luis Alberto Moreno to discuss Hispanic-Americans’ leadership in advancing U.S. engagement in Latin American markets at the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 2016 Hispanic-American Entrepreneurship Summit.

U.S.-based firms have a significant corporate imperative to attract Hispanic consumers given their tremendous demographic and economic importance. Further, given the growing economic size and clout of Latin America, as well as the region’s increasing competition for products and services, the Hispanic-American marketplace is at the forefront of setting consumer trends across Central and South America. This panel will explore how Hispanic-Americans, with strong cultural and linguistic ties with Latin America and beyond, can help propel U.S. trade in the region and advance U.S. business leadership in the global marketplace.