Value added ag good for all Americans

LINCOLN, Neb. — Nebraska Department of Agriculture Director (NDA) Greg Ibach shared his support of the proposed Costco processing facility as an opportunity to grow Nebraska jobs by growing Nebraska livestock production.

“The Costco facility will grow jobs beyond the farm gate,” said Ibach. “Job opportunities for electricians, carpenters, insurance professionals, production consultants and truckers are just a sample of the career opportunities that will come to communities where value added livestock facilities are located.”

The project also creates a new market for local corn and soybean farmers. This change in the grain demand model will increase the price of locally grown crops resulting in an increase in net farm income for the region.

“Typically for a farm to expand it means another farm has shrunk or gone out of business,” said Ibach. “The Costco facility will allow 75-100 farms in east central Nebraska to grow without negatively impacting other farms.”

Costco has stated that their business model is structured as a partnership of local farmers and businesses working towards common goals. Costco has expressed that in order for them to have long-term success their local partners must also be successful. The resulting benefits will have long term positive impact for local farmers, the region and the state.

Local lending institutions have reviewed the prospectus during the grower network recruitment efforts and shared their support of the project.

“A preliminary review of the proposed business plan appears to be very good for Nebraska farmers,” said Scott Meister, Fremont market president of Pinnacle Bank. “This represents a model we have not seen before that provides greater benefits to the poultry grower.”

“Nebraska has a golden opportunity to invite in a world-class company to be part of our community, a company that embodies Nebraskan values, a company we’ll be proud to have in our state, and fits Nebraska like a hand in a glove,” said Ibach. “As a state rooted in agriculture we need to embrace this opportunity and give them a Big Red Welcome!”