Principles for Our Ag Future

Glen Allen, VA – Today Ag America, a national coalition of agricultural leaders dedicated to electing candidates with proven records of supporting American agriculture, called on the 2016 Republican and Democratic U.S. presidential candidates to commit to publicly support the “Principles for Our Ag Future”. The principles, developed by Ag America, outline the path forward to ensure that American agriculture continues to be the envy and leader throughout the world.

“Ag America is calling on all of the fine men and women running for president to publicly commit to supporting American agriculture,” said Ag America Advisory Board Member and former Member of Congress Richard Pombo. “America’s elected leaders and policy makers must commit to protecting our ag future. When 4 out of 4 people in the world have to eat every single day, you can’t overstate the importance of sticking to these principles.”

“U.S. agriculture helps drive the economy and feeds the world.  The core principles outlined by Ag America will help ensure that the policies coming from Washington, D.C. support our farmers by creating new trade opportunities, limit regulatory overreach and support the next generation in agriculture,” said Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey.

“Too many people, and this includes policy makers in our nation’s capital, take the food on their tables for granted,” said Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry Mike Strain. “If we as a nation don’t take the steps now to responsibly, and proactively act on our ag future, future generations the world over will be faced with decisions that were 100% avoidable had the leaders of today simply stood on principle.”

Principles for Our Ag Future

Enhance economic development opportunities that would improve access to existing and emerging agriculture markets.

  • Lead on the international stage in the promotion of free and fair trade for all nations by actively pursuing free trade agreements across the globe to open markets for America’s agricultural products.
  • Fight against the use and spread of unsound science used as a pretext to block the export of U.S. agricultural products crops abroad.

Advance the science of agriculture by supporting common sense regulations to protect our environment and energy resources.

  • Promote common sense conservation policies that preserve and protect our environment while providing for a growing and vibrant economy.
  • Ensure that rigorous cost-benefit analyses on the impact of federal regulations are consistently used in the propagation of all agriculture, environment and energy regulations.

Support the education of the next generation of America’s farmers through emphasis on science, technology, engineering, agriculture, and math.

  • Promote agriculture youth development programs such as 4-H and Future Farmers of America that increase engagement and youth interest in agricultural careers. 
  • Support industry-based partnerships and certifications that allow for students to earn credentials that would result in productive, high wage jobs in agriculture. 

Ag America is a coalition of agriculture leaders dedicated to electing candidates for public office with proven records of supporting American agriculture through the application of commonsense free market principles at all levels of government.  Ag America supports candidates through the provision of financial support, high quality research and refined messaging.  Ag America also serves as a forum for the exchange of best practices among agriculture leaders, including agribusiness, agriculture industry associations, public servants, and academia.

Ag America was formed in direct response to the lack of a unified national strategy supporting candidates and officeholders with proven records of supporting agriculture.  While anti-ag groups are a deeply connected network – stretching from city hall to the White House, the pro-ag equivalent is just taking shape under Ag America’s leadership.

Ag America is a Federal Super PAC active in local, state, and federal elections.

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