Lakeview Community Schools Announces New Superintendent

COLUMBUS- Lakeview Community Schools has hired a new Superintendent. York assistant principal, Aaron Plas was selected by the Lakeview school board as the new superintendent of schools. 

Plas will replace current superintendent Russ Freeman. Plas taught business classes at Centennial High School before going to York. After two years of teaching in York he made the move to administration as the assistant principal and activities director. Plas holds a bachelor’s degree in business education and master’s in educational administration from UNL, as well as an education specialist degree through the graduate program at Wayne State College. Plas is on the cutting edge of education as he created online high school courses for high ability learners and partnered with businesses in York to provide new and upcoming opportunities for different levels of students. Plas partnered with the seed companies in York to form an Agronomy Academy funded by annual donations. Through the academy, students meet at a production facility three days a week to learn agronomy concepts and gain exposure to related careers. This year the district added a coop with the a work certification program through the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis.

Students allows them to leave high school with a two-year certification in chemical application, diversified agriculture or irrigation technology.