Natural Resources Districts Release New Info on Battling Climate Change, Invasive Eastern Red Cedar, Drugs in our Water and Much More

It isn’t easy finding ways to conserve Nebraska’s natural resources as demands for use continue to increase. The Natural Resources Districts are holding its 2016 Legislative Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska to inform the public and water and soil experts of new and exciting ways being developed to protect lives, property and Nebraska’s future. Speakers will present information Tuesday, January 26th at 9 am and also Wednesday, January 27th from 8:30 am – Noon (Wednesday is when most presentations are scheduled).

Lieutenant Governor, Mike Foley will kick off the conference with his opening remarks. Dozens of Nebraska senators are scheduled to attend the conference that’s being held at Embassy Suites-Lincoln at 1040 P St, Lincoln, NE. You can find parking in the parking garage at the corner of Q St. and 11th St.

Media is invited to attend the two-day event. Several important topics will be discussed that affect all Nebraskans.

Highlights include:

* Whether you believe in climate change or not, the Natural Resources Districts have taken steps to prepare for climate change in Nebraska. The NRDs have developed a resources management plan they believe will help the districts transition with the changing times. (Wed. Jan. 27 @ 10:20 am, Room: Regents C, How the NRDs are Preparing for Climate Change (And Anything Else That Comes Along))

* Invasive species are a big deal. The Eastern Red Cedar is a growing problem estimated to cost Nebraskans hundreds of thousands of dollars if not managed properly. It’s creeping into grassland, woodland and wetland habitats that could affect everything from our land to our wildlife. Conservation agencies have a plan for this tree on how to control it from spreading and even a few conservation tips to show you how to use it for your benefit. (Wed. Jan. 27 @ 9:20 am, Room: Regents C, Addressing Eastern Red Cedar Through Conservation Planning and Programs)

* Education is key to encourage the public to stop throwing their prescription drugs down the drain or in the toilet. The Nebraska MEDS Coalition will talk about how the program is working in this state and will release news about future expansion plans. (Wed. Jan. 27th @ 9:20 am, Room: Regents DE, Drug Disposal in Nebraska)

For more information, to set up an interview or live shot, contact Erika Hill, Public Relations Director for NARD. Cell #: 402-570-2283 Office #: 402-471-7672 Email: