jamesCharacatureJames Nickel

I was born in Omaha at St. Catherine’s Hospital, which is now the administration, classroom, and dormitory complex for Grace University. I lived in Porum, Oklahoma, then grew up in Newton, Kansas. I went to Berean Academy in Elbing, Kansas and to Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska. I got some radio training at Brown Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota and lived there for a couple of years before moving to Columbus, Nebraska to work at KJSK, Inc. in 1978.

I have done mornings on KJSK-AM 900 for as long as I have worked in radio. Along the way I have been involved in the news department at various levels.

I am married to Donna, have three adult children, and a dog named Rusty, who is really my daughter’s dog. I enjoy shooting and reloading, fishing, computer technology, music, and church involvement.