KJSK Trader Call Sheet

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08/27/15–Sell:  Practically new, two pair of women’s shoes size 8 1/2.  One white pair and one black pair.  $25 for all.  Phone:  402-910-3572.

08/26/15–Sell:  Best offer for a blue swivel chair, and a book case.  Phone:  402-564-2483.

08/25/15–Sell:  A pair of Lee blue jeans size 52.  Phone:  402-367-4114.

08/24/15–Wanted:  About 20 wheat straw bales.  Phone:  402-563-9614.

08/24/15–Wanted:  Looking for “Richard’s” carpet laying company.  Phone:  402-270-0388.

08/20/15–FREE KITTENS to a good home.  Looking for a farm and for good owners only. 9 weeks old, 4 females and 2 males.  Kittens are litter trained and on dry cat food.  Phone:  402-270-4525.

08/20/15–Sell:  Two tickets for the NU vs. BYU football game September 5th.  Phone:  801-358-1891. (Columbus)

08/20/15–Sell:  A Diamond by Starter extra large blue Dodgers baseball jacket.  Phone:  402-564-1174.

08/19/15–Sell:  A combination headache rack. (For a truck.)  See it at 3912 Adamy in Columbus or Phone:  480-734-1888.

08/18/15–Wanted:  A lift chair, preferably from a non-smoker.  Phone:  402-270-4171.

08/18/15–Wanted:  A 3-point pull-behind shredder.  Phone:  402-580-1438 (Bellwood)

08/18/15–Sell:  A nice wooden desk 40″ long by 30″ high by 18″ wide.  Three end tables, wooden TV trays, and two plant stands.  Phone:  402-352-2640.

08/17/15–Sell:  A wooden round kitchen table for $15.  Phone:  402-367-4114.

08/11/15–Sell:  An EZ- GO gas powered golf cart for $1750, and a 24″ analog console TV for $25.  Phone:  402-920-2139.

08/05/15–Sell:  A solid wood square top antique table with 5 carved legs and two leaves for $200.  Old 8 pane glass windows for $30 each.  Used couch for $35.  A dorm sized refrigerator for $40.  Phone:  402-563-1128.

08/05/15–Sell:  A Frigidaire glass top electric range, 4 years old.  See it at 2814 Cheyenne in Columbus.   Phone:  402-615-1091.

08/04/15–Wanted:  Magazines and calendars with pictures to make bookmarks.  Phone:  402-563-2356.

07/31/15–Sell:  A large solid dining room table with two leaves and matching two-piece lighted china cabinet.  Will deliver.  Phone:  402-276-1185.

07/29/15–Sell:  A large home built dog house for $65, and a baker’s rack kitchen table with 4 chairs for $200.  Phone:  402-615-0210.

07/27/15–Sell:  A 5th wheel camper.  Phone:  402-615-4629.

07/24/15–Sell:  A 30″ analog TV in an oak armoire.  Included are a VHS player, DVD player, all remote controls, all complete and working for $50 or best offer.  See at 3179 39th Avenue in Columbus or Phone:  402-564-4280.

07/24/15–Sell:  Sedum plants, hostas, irises, daylilies, and Stella De ora daylillies.  Phone:  402-564-7520.

07/24/15–Wanted:  A good used refrigerator/freezer in good working order.  Phone:  402-352-3659 after 1:00 pm.

07/16/15–Wanted:  A guitar case.  Phone:  402-276-5117.

07/14/15–Sell:  Canning jars.  Quarts, pints, and jelly jars.  Phone:  402-710-9662 after 6 pm.  (Please do not leave a message.)

07/14/15–Wanted:  A 24″ girl’s bicycle.  Phone:  402-910-6804.

07/13/15–Wanted:  A hospital bed.  Phone:  402-352-2012 or 402-699-2976.

07/09/15–Sell:  A portable basketball hoop on a stand with wheels for $50.  Phone:  402-892-3202.

07/07/15—Sell:  One wooden and one metal school desk, a grandmother’s rocking chair with padded seat, a ceramic tree stand, and children’s shoes in size 6.  Phone:  402-246-5066.

07/07/15–Sell:  A 10 lb bowling ball with bag and size 9 bowling shoes.  Phone:  402-564-3742.

07/07/15–Sell:  A grass bag for a side discharge Snapper 21″ mower, and a mulching plug.  Phone:  402-564-0889.

07/07/15–Wanted:  A rear bumper and a tailgate for a Ford F150 pickup, years 1987 to 1996 will work.  Phone:  402-276-3100.

07/02/15–Sell:  A 2011 Kawasaki 250 Ninja motorcycle in excellent condition.  Phone:  402-615-1916. (Please call after 5 pm.)

07/02/15–Wanted:  Yard tools, especial a tile spade.  Phone:  402-246-2602.

07/02/15–Wanted:  A bush hog shredder.  Phone:  402-367-4822.

06/12/15–Wanted:  An electric leaf blower.  Phone:  402-564-6281.

06/11/15–Wanted:  A 7 to 8′ stepladder.  Phone:  402-246-2602.

06/04/15–Sell:  A John Deere 3320 tractor.  Phone:  402-892-3665.

06/02/15–Sell:  A stereo system with speakers.  Phone:  402-563-3265.

06/01/15–Sell:  An antique Schwinn older style lady’s bicycle for $70, a Sanyo flat screen TV for $70, a Baldor 3-phase 220 Volt electric motor for $200.  Phone:  402-936-1168.

05/21/15–Sell:  A JMStar 2008 scooter.  Phone:  402-276-4522.

06/09/15–Wanted: A Columbus Sales Pavilion wooden walking cane. Phone: 402-352-8804.

06/09/15–Wanted: A 4-row Rudy Novak button accordion, and an Antonin Hlavacek 4-row button accordion with a “fast” keyboard. Phone: 402-352-8804.

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