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10/24/16–Sell:  A 2004 Honda Shadow Aero 750 motorcycle, low miles, 3,919 miles, burgundy wine color.  Always in a garage, new battery, added custom windshield and double saddle bags.  Asking $3,895.  Phone:  402-270-4171 and leave a message.

10/24/16–Wanted:  A wringer washing machine, any brand.  Phone:  402-910-1261.

10/24/16–Give Away:  An electric typewriter with ribbons and correction tape.  Phone:  402-564-6281.

10/14/16–Wanted:  A leaf sweeper.   Phone:  402-370-0452.

10/20/16–Sell:  A Neuton battery operated mower with two bags and a video for $50, a two-man antique saw from the early 1900’s for $60, a 1940’s White brand sewing machine in a wood cabinet for $40, a large older microwave works well for $10, a vintage 1970 Sears bicycle built for 2 for $200.  Phone:  402-563-4595.

10/19/16–Sell:  Firewood, seasoned, various hardwoods, $75 a pickup load.  Call 402 817 9818 (Newman Grove)

10/19/16–Sell:  A black front, under-the-counter-top, Whirlpool dishwasher, 6 years old, clean, works great.  Remodeled and no longer need it.  $200 or best offer.  Phone:  402-615-2513.

10/19/16–Sell:  A men’s extra large dark green sweat suit outfit with pants and shirt, and a dark grey blazer sweater, extra large.  Phone:  402-564-6249.

10/14/16–Sell:  Apples, 3 miles south of David City.  Phone:  402-367-4822.

10/18/16–Sell:  Whole canned tomatoes in quarts.  Phone:  402-606-6319. (Please call between 1 and 4 pm)

09/29/16–Wanted:  Baby food jars.  Phone:  402-270-0120.

09/29/16–Wanted:  A children’s book series that teaches “sharing and caring”.  Phone:  402-564-5851.

09/29/16–Sell:  A cedar chest 50 years old for $125, and a curio cabinet for $125.  Phone:  308-380-9183. (Schuyler)

10/10/16–Sell:  An Amana dryer for $50, and a deep freeze.  Phone:  402-710-9662.

10/10/16–Wanted:  A men’s tuxedo and bow tie size 44 regular, or a classy suit.  Phone:  402-276-5117.

09/27/16–Sell:  Small square straw bales for $5 each.  Phone:  402-910-3825.

09/26/16–Wanted:  Tomatoes for canning, dill, and a Rainsoft water softener.  Phone:  402-246-2602.

09/26/16–Sell:  A Boost Mobile cell phone for $35 or best offer, a pair of black Nike shoes size 12 for $20. Also looking for cheap Playstation 3 video games.   Phone:  402-615-1046.

09/21/16–Sell:  Small prairie hay bales for $5 each.  Phone:  402-910-4417.

09/21/16–Sell:  A full size bed, headboard and footboard, box spring and mattress, almost new.  Phone:  402-352-3541.

09/20/16–Sell:  A king size bed with metal head board and black and white comforter for $100.  A pressure cooker for $20.  Phone:  402-942-1964. (Columbus)

09/20/16–Sell:  A Maytag Centennial Washer  for $150 and a Kitchen Aid dryer for $100.  Phone:  402-920-2139.

09/20/16–Sell:  A queen size bed, frame, headboard, box spring and mattress in very good condition, an apartment size electric stove, very clean, a Kirby vacuum cleaner with all attachments for $10.  Phone:  402-564-5142.

09/20/16–Sell:   A battery operated blood pressure monitor.  Phone:  402-367-4114 (David City).

09/19/16–Wanted:  Teflon cookie sheets, sometimes called “jelly roll pans”.  Phone:  402-910-3572.

09/19/16–Sell:  A small trolling motor.  Phone:  402-936-5753.

09/19/16–Sell:  Motor grader tires, 1100 X 24″ for $75 each.  Phone:  402-615-1006.

09/14/16–Sell:  A custom couch.  Phone:  402-564-0889.

09/14/16–Wanted:  Apples.  Phone:  402-564-0889.

09/14/16–Wanted:  A farm table (kitchen table) 12′ long.  Phone:  402-564-3076.

09/08/16–Wanted:  Two tires P235 75R-15.  Phone:  402-615-2792 (Schuyler).

09/08/16–Sell:  A two-piece wooden swing set and Skyfort play set.  Phone:  402-615-2792 (Schuyler).

09/07/16–Sell:  A Honda 3-cylinder gas air compressor.  Phone:  402-270-0726.

09/01/16–Sell:  A 10 gallon part washer for $550, a pull-type fertilizer spreader for $200.  Phone:  402-564-4627.

08/29/16–Sell:  A 3.2 Cubic Foot under-the-counter refrigerator for $25, 2 deep rose polyester fabric, winged back chairs, excellent condition for $50 each, and a Waxwell heat adjustable paraffin bath kit with extra wax, never used for $50. Phone:  402-564-7488 or 402-910-4964.

08/26/16–Wanted:  A Used 10″ table saw.  Phone:  402-564-0889.

08/26/16–Sell:  An electric hedge trimmer in excellent condition.  Phone:  402-564-6249.

08/19/16–Wanted:  A 10′ x 10′ x 12′ metal shed.  Phone:  402-513-7547. (Rising City)

08/17/16–Sell:  Blue Jeans size 54 waist, size 44 waist, size 48 to 56″ waist for $3 each.  Phone:  402-367-4114. (David City)

08/10/16–Sell:  A chest-type deep freeze 36″ by 41″ by 24″.  Phone:  402-710-9662.

08/08/16–Sell:  A Play Station 2 with 2 controllers and 4 games for $50.  Phone:  402-920-2139.

08/03/16–Sell:  Wooden fence posts.  Phone:  402-564-0289.

08/03/16–Sell:  A Leer topper for a 2008 crew cab.  Phone:  402-487-2739.

08/01/16–Free:  A pickup truck load of maple firewood cut into logs.  Phone:  402-270-1973 and leave a message.

08/01/16–Sell:  A futon in very good condition for $45.  A Murray girl’s 10 speed bicycle in good condition for $35.  A small wooden student desk with drawers for $20. Two twin size captain’s beds with drawers underneath for $75 each, and two twin size bookshelf headboards for $25 each.  Phone:  402-270-1973 and leave a message.

08/01/16–Wanted:  A jointer.  Phone:  402-564-4843.

07/20/16–Sell:  A 22 quart Mirro pressure cooker/canner, a Trek mountain bike, two small children’s bikes, three old time orange crates, an ironing board.  Phone:  402-564-3934.

07/08/16–Sell:  An Azure four person hot tub 6’9″ by 5’3″ by 33″ tall.  Has cover locks, hand rail, steps, and a box of chemicals for $3995.  Phone:  402-892-3822.

06/30/16–Sell:  A washer and dryer.  Phone:  402-564-4913 and leave a message.

06/28/16–Sell:  An upright freezer for $50, and a working 30 gallon water heater for free.  Phone:  402-920-2139.

06/24/16–Sell:  A metal file cabinet 36″ x 41″ x 18″.  Phone:  402-276-5855.

06/24/16–Sell:  A Hover Round electric scooter with new batteries.  Phone:  402-564-6777.

06/23/16–Sell:  A Hover Round wheelchair in excellent condition.  Phone:  402-276-2812.

06/21/16–Sell:  Four vinyl chairs with rollers and backs, and a small deep freeze.  Phone:  402-936-5753.

06/16/16–Sell:  A queen size air mattress for $40, a CPAP with hose and mask for $100, a wheel chair for $100, a hammock for $40, barking dog collars for $40, a walker for $10, a shower bench for $40.  Phone:  402-564-1706 and leave a message.

06/13/16–Sell:  An entertainment center for $20.  Phone:  402-564-5674.

06/13/16–Sell:  A 29-foot camper rear bedroom, front kitchen, a 1998 Chevy 3 door pickup, and a 1994 Ford Explorer that would be a good work or school vehicle.  Phone:  402-270-1497 after 4 pm.

06/13/16–Wanted:  An exercise bike.  Phone:  402-564-5674.

06/07/16–Sell:  An antique cider press, and a riding lawn mower, 42″ cut, 18 HP, for $600.  Phone:  402-246-2602.

06/06/16–Sell: A full size sofa with recliners on both sides, light green, for $250.  Phone:  402-276-0032 or 402-270-7282.  Can send pictures.

06/06/16–Wanted:  A skid loader, 40 to 60 HP, diesel powered, with low hours.  Phone:  402-276-3100.

05/17/16–Sell:  A Kenmore refrigerator for $50, an upright freezer for $100, three gallons of Sherwin Williams paint for $30,  interior/exterior doors with frames and trim, vanities with sinks, a 32″ TV to give away, a Kitchen Aid dishwasher to give away.  Phone:  402-920-2139.

05/10/16–Sell:  Three child booster seats for $15 each.  Phone:  402-270-4171.

05/09/16–Wanted:  A good used refrigerator at a reasonable price.  Phone:  402-666-5672 and leave a message.

05/04/16–Sell:  Three portable dog kennels, two bird cages.  Phone:  402-564-7935.

04/28/16–Sell:  Laminated flooring in oak color for $25.  Flooring is off the floor and covered approximately a 15′ by 10′ floor.  Phone:  402-920-2139.

04/26/16–Sell:  A Tony Stewart NASCAR “Home Depot” racing bank helmet, new in the box for $20.  A coach Tom Osborn signed football in a display case for $35.  Phone:  402-276-4771.

08/24/16–Wanted: A Columbus Sales Pavilion wooden walking cane. Phone: 402-352-8804.

08/24/16–Wanted: A 4-row Rudy Novak button accordion, and an Antonin Hlavacek 4-row button accordion with a “fast” keyboard. Phone: 402-352-8804.

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