KJSK Trader Call Sheet

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02/12/16–Sell:  A stainless steel sink with faucets for $25. Phone:  402-564-7092.

02/05/16–Sell:  Three pair of men’s jeans, size 46, for $3 each.  Phone:  402-367-4114.

02/03/16–Sell:  A brand new digger type boat anchor with new rope for a larger boat.   Phone:  402-923-0212.

01/25/16–Sell:  Two deep freezers, one refrigerator.  Taking offers.  Phone:  402-563-0112.

01/25/16–Sell:  An antique fainting couch.  Phone:  402-564-4843.

01/25/16–Wanted:  Two to four tires, P235/75 R15.  Phone:  402-615-2792.

01/19/16–Sell:  A 6ft wide computer table with sets of drawers on each side, and a small motorcycle.  Phone:  402-246-5066.

01/19/16–Wanted:   A used upright freezer that does not need to work with racks inside to be used for a smoker.  Phone:  402-910-6816.

01/07/16–Sell:  Two medium size bird cages, two medium size kennels, one small kennel, porcelain dolls, and Boyd’s Bears.   Phone:  402-564-7935.

12/17/15–Sell:  A white GE Profile side-by-side refrigerator with water and ice dispenser for $150, and a white KitchenAid built-in dishwasher.  Phone:  402-276-0582.

12/10/15–Sell:  A Port-a-Crib like new for $35.  Phone:  402-562-8971.

12/10/15–Sell:  An electric organ.  Phone:  402-615-2257.

11/24/15–Sell:  A 15 cu ft. deep freeze, two riding lawn mowers, a 2006 26′ enclosed trailer Toy Hauler.  Phone:  402-710-9662.

11/19/15–Sell:  A 10 gallon air compressor.  Phone:  402-730-0452.

11/17/15–Sell:  A bumper pool table $25,  entertainment center for $25, exercise bike for $20, a 32″ console TV to give away, a floor chair to give away.  Phone:  402-920-2139.

11/11/15–Sell:  A Mastercraft sofa, and a men’s bicycle.  Phone:  402-564-0889.

11/04/15–Wanted:  An aluminum storm door 36″ x 80″ that opens to the right.  Phone:  402-910-7218.

10/30/15–Sell:  A Kenmore front load washer.  Phone:  402-747-7181.

10/29/15–Sell:  An electric range in good condition.  Phone:  402-615-1091.

10/20/15–Sell:  A Maytag dishwasher in good condition.  Phone:  801-358-1891 (Columbus cell phone).

10/20/15–Sell:  A 5 cubic foot chest-type freezer in good condition for $75.  See it at 1062 25th Avenue or Phone:  402-564-1706.

10/07/15–Sell:  A dining room table with two leaves and 6 chairs.  Phone:  402-564-4471.

09/25/15–Sell:  Five American-made cast iron skillets, and an 18″ boy’s bicycle.  Phone:  402-367-4114.

09/15/15–Wanted:  A small chest type deep freezer.  Phone:  402-910-1540.

09/11/15–Wanted:  An electric range.  Phone:  402-910-1540.

09/09/15–Wanted:  A good used washing machine.  Phone:  402-564-4089.

08/17/15–Sell:  A wooden round kitchen table for $15.  Phone:  402-367-4114.

08/05/15–Sell:  A Frigidaire glass top electric range, 4 years old.  See it at 2814 Cheyenne in Columbus.   Phone:  402-615-1091.

08/04/15–Wanted:  Magazines and calendars with pictures to make bookmarks.  Phone:  402-563-2356.

06/09/15–Wanted: A Columbus Sales Pavilion wooden walking cane. Phone: 402-352-8804.

06/09/15–Wanted: A 4-row Rudy Novak button accordion, and an Antonin Hlavacek 4-row button accordion with a “fast” keyboard. Phone: 402-352-8804.

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